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The largest footwear company in Central Europe, present through CCC stores in almost all countries of the region. Thanks to Group, CCC shoes can be bought from Spain in the west to Ukraine in the east and from Sweden in the north to Greece in the south of Europe.

Meet CCC

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number of stores
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50 mln

pairs of shoes sold annually
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725,000 m2

total area of shops'
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presence in 29 countries around the world
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2 000 m2

CCC office space in Warsaw
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PLN 4.7 billion

consolidated sales revenues for the year 2018
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3 000 %

CCC shares reached the highest price - 312 PLN on 22.01.2018. Increase since the debut on the Stock Exchange in 2004 by over 3000% (from PLN 9.95 to PLN 312)
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1 million

so many pairs of shoes can be sent daily from our logistics centre to the stores
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255 million

so many customers visited our stores in 2018
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3 h

it is the time necessary to deal with the order in the agglomerations with the omnichannel store
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26 million

so many pairs of shoes are kept in the CCC logistics centre
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2.5 million

number of pairs of footwear produced by the Polkowice factory in 2018

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