The CCC Group was the first Polish company to become a global partner of UNICEF. Over the next three years CCC will provide money to help children in the world.

CCC has always supported charity activities, and now, thanks to the strength of its brand and growing international success, it has decided to cooperate with the largest humanitarian and development organization working for children. CCC S.A. is the largest footwear company in Central Europe. The partnership will be communicated in CCC stores in 21 countries.


CCC is also the main sponsor of a cycling group whose roots go back to the year 2000. T-shirts of CCC Team riders are marked with the UNICEF logo. Thus, the CCC cycling group, during races all over the world, proudly presents the cooperation with UNICEF and the company's involvement in activities for the benefit of children. This is the first such sport partnership of its kind.

In addition to the involvement of the Company, the employees of the CCC Group willingly initiate and actively participate in volunteer actions, including the Grant Programme, which has been implemented since 2018.

The main objective of implementing volunteering in the CCC Group is to integrate employees around common values and engage as many employees as possible. In this way, CCC volunteers can serve to support local communities and improve their skills.

Projects implemented under the grant programme:

  1. The project implemented by the volunteers of CCC included 2 elements: Cleaning and maintenance works in the area of the Ostoja Przyrody Park, during which care treatments were carried out, new vegetation was planted and elements of small architecture were impregnated in the park. The second stage was the organization of the Family Festival, which aimed to promote CCC and the school as institutions actively supporting environmental protection. It was a great satisfaction to observe the involvement of primary school children in volunteer work. Thanks to this, the park gained a new quality, but also the children increased their knowledge and awareness of environmental protection.
  2. Open up to Autism Grant project Open up to autism carried out in order to increase social awareness of autism, CCC volunteers from Gdańsk organized an "Open Day", during which money was raised for therapeutic activities for 7-year-old Julia. Our employees prepared themselves perfectly for the event, starting with a conversation with Julia's mother about the needs and necessary therapies. Among other things, a photo shoot of the girl was organised (the photos were then put up for auction during the Open Days), a charity candy, a children's corner and an educational corner devoted to spectrum autism disorders. Employees put their whole heart into organizing the event and encouraging as many people as possible to participate (including preparation of information brochures, sending invitations, posters).
  3. SKILL UP COMPETENCE RELAY within the grant drama workshops were carried out for 12 junior high school students participating in the project of the Projekt Mokotów Foundation, which is aimed at children from small and medium towns and less affluent families whose parents or guardians have no means, opportunities or time to support their children in their learning and development. The workshops took place in the Słupsk Culture Center, which cooperates with the local theater - Rondo. A series of workshops included a performance entitled "Career of the Villain".
  4. REVITALIZATION OF THE GARDEN AT THE CITY KINDERGARTEN IN ŁÓDŹ. CCC Volunteers decided to turn the grey, unattractive garden at the Kindergarten into a colourful and pleasant place for children and their caretakers to play and relax. The kindergarten is located in the city centre, because every additional planted shrub and plant (especially in the surrounding area of children) affects not only the aesthetics but also the air quality. Within the project, volunteers undertook: planting more than 60 bushes, installing 2 city benches, seeding a new lawn, installation of a bird feeder.
  5. CHILD’S DAY IN NOWA HUTA. As part of the event, CCC volunteers participated in three stages of the Hidden Wings Foundation's work - they took part in designing, preparing and organizing integration games and games for children and youth. They were carried out during the "Magical Time..." festival, which took place on 01.06.2018. at the People's Theatre in Nowa Huta in Kraków. During the Children's Day we managed to provide various attractions to over 300 people.

Membership in associations and organizations:

Responsible Business Forum

CCC joined FOB as a Strategic Partner. The Forum is a think-and-do-tank organisation, which remains the initiator and partner of projects crucial for Polish CSR.

Association of Listed Companies

CCC SA acts as a supporting member in the organization. The Association of Stock Exchange Issuers takes care of the development of the Polish capital market and represents the interests of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Established in 1993, the SEG serves the issuers' community with knowledge and advice on the regulation of the stock exchange market and the rights and obligations of participating companies.

Lower Silesian Educational Cluster LSSE

The Lower Silesian Educational Cluster in the Legnica Special Economic Zone was established in 2015 to facilitate the forecasting of labour market demand for specific skills and professions and to increase the availability of practical vocational training. The organization coordinates the activities of schools and companies so that they can establish cooperation in the creation of patronage classes and develop the idea of dual education for the needs of enterprises.

Jan Wyżykowski University Convention (UJW) in Polkowice

The CCC Group is represented by Marcin Czyczerski, Vice-President of the Management Board of CCC S.A. and Mariusz Gnych, President of the Management Board of CCC Factory Sp. z o.o. The UJW Convention is an opinion-forming and advisory body supporting the development and teaching, scientific and organizational activity of the University. Employers in the Convention have a real impact on the curriculum and the quality of education of their potential employees.

Amphori BSCI

One of CCC's subsidiaries, Karl Voegele AG, is a member of the amphori BSCI - the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade, bringing together more than 2000 retailers, importers, brands and associations from more than 40 countries.

Executive Club

Executive Club is a business organization associating top management representatives, representing the most important Polish and international companies. Starting from 2005, the Club brings together business leaders with an established position who, through their activities, set the directions for the development of the Polish economy.


CCC is proud of the involvement of its employees not only in volunteering, but also in the broadly understood social activities.


CCC employees also actively participate in other voluntary activities. In 2018, they donated items to the Polkowice headquarters of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) for auction. The Company's Management Board also donated one of the city's CCC bicycles on the auction portal of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The bicycle was used by the ambassadors of CCC, who, infecting with positive energy, roamed Polish cities to promote the brand of CCC and the opening of new sales outlets.


In December CCC employees joined the preparation of the Noble Pack for selected families. For one of them, the Investment Department undertook to renovate the apartment, even though it was not on the list of needs. All more than 100 packages contained both basic necessities requested by families and Christmas gifts. As usual, all parcels contained shoes, which were added to the parcels by CCC.


Cooperation with partners:

Association for Children and Youth SZANSA in Głogów

In 2018, one of the organisations that received support from CCC was the Association for Children and Youth SZANSA in Głogów, engaged in work for children, young people and their families. Last year, the Association launched the Children's Aid Centre (CPD). It is one of four such places in Poland, where a child together with parents and guardians will receive comprehensive assistance, has an interdisciplinary diagnosis and intervention. There is an interrogation room in the CPD where children can be interrogated by the court in a friendly, safe environment. CPD is a place for violent, sexually abused children, for those in acute crisis, suicidal behaviour, for children participating in legal procedures. CCC has permanently started cooperation with SZANSA. Apart from CPD, SZANSA creates a space for young people to pursue their passions, develop talents and skills, work to change their behaviour, but also engage in helping others, doing something necessary for their local environment. One of the directions of work with children and young people is to encourage them to be active, to show their own initiative. There are many examples of such youth initiatives, and their implementation also involves employees who in the past received support from SZANSA.

Legnica Special Economic Zone

Apart from being a member of the Educational Cluster of the Legnica Special Economic Zone, CCC is also involved in joint projects of the Legnica SEZ. In 2018, together with the SEZ, CCC took part in the Bike Marathon, during which one could spend time with their family and take part in the competition in a specially prepared zone.

Partnership for the implementation of SDGs

The CCC Group joined the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Partnership (SDGs) during the "Agenda 2030 National Stakeholder Forum". CCC transferred an individual commitment to the so-called commitment, in which it confirms the implementation of specific activities / projects, which in their scope fit into the achievement of selected, adequate to the company's activity goals of sustainable development.


CCC together with its partners launched Retail aCCCelerator, an accelerator platform dedicated to young and innovative companies developing new solutions for retail. This is an opportunity for the best teams to accelerate their development and adapt to real market conditions. The aim is to accelerate the development and development of innovative ideas and products for customers and retailers. Companies, whose projects will be filtered out with the help of CCC Partners, have the opportunity to test their ideas with specialists who cooperate with CCC, confront them with customers and quickly track their time of entry to the market. The first 5 selected start-ups had the opportunity to present themselves during the Innovation Day organized on the premises of the company.


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