The environment

In order to maintain the balance between the constant development of the CCC Capital Group and the care to reduce the impact of the business on the environment, we implement an environmental policy based on the following six pillars:

  • minimizing the impact on the natural environment
  • reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • shaping attitudes and environmental awareness
  • minimization of generated waste
  • saving of raw materials in the supply chain
  • investment with respect to the environment'.

The main strategic objective for the years 2019-2021 is to reduce the indicators of pollution emission to the environment by 3 x 5% in relation to the indicators for the years 2015-2017.

Specific objectives 2019-2021:
reduction of the electricity consumption index by 5% reduction of the CO2 emission index by 5% reduction of the waste generation index by 5%.


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