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10 million downloads and position of major digital sales channel – CCC app goes for more!

The mobile app has emerged as the online sales channel of choice among CCC customers. Its contribution to online revenue was 46% in October 2022, more than the online store or e-kiosks. Constantly upgraded with new features, the app is growing in popularity, with 10 million downloads recorded to date.

The CCC mobile app is at the heart of CCC’s omnichannel model. It is where customers can find a broad selection of fashion products, inspiration from well-known stylists as well as cutting-edge technology connecting the online and physical worlds. The search by image tool makes it easier for customers to find their dream shoe style by simply taking a picture of their favourite pair. You can use an in-store foot scanner, check the size of any number of shoes on your phone and order directly to your home. The CCC mobile app also allows customers to defer a payment online and in-store by generating a code that enables customers to take their purchased products home and pay for them later. The app contains such technological innovations as a 3D virtual fitting room.

It is the innovative features, a broad product mix and captivating content that have earned the app the top position among CCC’s online sales channels. It contributed 46% to revenue in October 2022, more than the website or e-kiosks at offline stores.

‘A shift in consumer behaviour is taking place before our eyes. We strive to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. This would not be possible without data analysis and our strongly dedicated, agile team who work to further develop the CCC app on a daily basis. Together we create innovations and add new features every day,’ said Paweł Pawlak, Head of Mobile App at CCC Group. ‘Our focus now is on personalisation – we want the CCC app to ‘learn’ customer preferences and suggest the best possible products tailored to their style and needs. We have a lot of room to grow here – after all, our app has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

The success of the CCC mobile app attest to the strength of our entire omnichannel ecosystem. The app is at its core as it is capable of bringing the offline and online worlds together. We also owe the growing popularity of our app to the entire retail team, with whom we always achieve full synergy and go for more together. They are the people who often open the door to the online world for customers during the initial in-store interaction,’ adds Michał Pachnik, E-commerce Director at CCC It is worth adding, that the 2025 revenue targets for the mobile app set in the business strategy GO.25 Omnichannel Platform were achieved in less than 12 months. This clearly demonstrates that our efforts are highly effective and that we have fully harnessed the momentum of the changing consumer behaviour.'

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