Our goal is to multiply value for shareholders by meeting the needs of our current and future customers.

We want to go step by step with the expectations of our customers (the right offer at the right time and in the way preferred by our customers) with the extensive use of digitisation and new technologies.

  1. 01


    • Skillful and complementary development of online and offline channels so as to deliver the product in every way preferred by customers.
    • Continuation of a well thought-out geographical expansion of shops and an integrated and coordinated e-commerce ecosystem.
  2. 02


    • Offering an attractive and fashionable product „on time” for different target groups.
    • Developing our offer based on own products with a growing (but minority) share of foreign brands and offers from the sports segment.

    Selected brands in CCC stores:

    gino rosi
    Jenny Fairy
    Clara Barson
  3. 03

    Efficiency and effectiveness

    Efficient, effective and agile organization providing flexibility in making development decisions.

  4. 04

    Financial stability

    Stable and forward-looking financial policy with effective working capital management and moderate exposure to debt.

    Consolidated annual report for 2018
    Consolidated annual report for 2018

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  5. 05

    Social innovation

    Innovative organization cooperating with the environment in a responsible way and developing CCC DNA.

    See more activities in the area of social responsibility
    See more activities in the area of social responsibility

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