In our activities, we observe ethical norms and values, caring for the good of the individual and respecting their rights, as well as working for the benefit of the natural environment and our surroundings. We strive to ensure that our interactions with employees and third parties are in compliance with national laws and regulations, taking into account cultural considerations.

At the same time, we make every effort to create an environment conducive to open and honest communication. Where there is a suspicion of a violation of the law or of the principles set out in the Code of Ethics or the Anti-Corruption Code, any person (whether an employee or a person outside the Group) may use the contact form below to report a violation of the law or the principles set out in the Code of Ethics or the Anti-Corruption Code. In order to increase employee awareness of ethical principles, in 2021 we introduced training in the Code of Ethics and procedures for reporting violations. Training is obligatory for all employees of the Company.

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  • we approach each employee as an internal client;
  • we operate with a view to finding solutions and new customers to meet their expectations;
  • we treat all employees with equal respect;
  • we provide employees with appropriate working conditions regardless of color, religion, sex, age, nationality, sexual orientation, citizenship, marital status, childbirth, political opinion, disability or any other legally protected status;
  • we do not accept conduct that constitutes harassment or discrimination;
  • we protect and do not disseminate the information of private associates;
  • we conduct employee appraisals fairly and with dignity;
  • decisions concerning recruitment, employment and termination shall be made on the basis of objective criteria;
  • through our actions and decisions, regardless of our position, we have the ability to influence the way in which we are perceived by customers;
  • while conducting marketing and promotional activities, we make every effort to ensure that our message is reliable, honest and exhaustively informs about the prices of products and the rules of promotion;
  • we strive not only to adapt to the current needs of customers, but also to be open to new challenges and go beyond expectations;
  • customer satisfaction is one of the foundations of the success of the CCC Group.
  • we try to introduce innovative solutions, according to the Group's capabilities and needs;
  • we listen to each other and engage the potential by creating innovative projects;
  • we set ourselves ambitious goals and strive to achieve them;
  • we develop managers to effectively manage, inspire and engage their teams;
  • we appreciate high commitment and innovative ideas through development and succession programs;
  • we support the commitment of our employees to local communities, we also implement and apply technological solutions to care for the environment and shape the ecological attitudes of our employees;
  • we never enter into formal or informal agreements with competitors that restrict trade or exclude other competitors from the market;
  • we implement solutions to ensure that our suppliers comply with international standards relating to human rights, forced labour, child labour, discrimination, labour safety and environmental protection;
  • creativity, innovation and development opportunities of our business partners also affect the achievement of the objectives set by the CCC Group, therefore it is important for us to cooperate with entities that operate in accordance with the law and ethical principles.
  • we value diversity and independence, as well as freedom of being and expressing opinions;
  • we strive for the best solution taking into account the opinions of others, without imposing our own opinions;
  • we adapt to changing environmental conditions and actively participate in the process of change;
  • we promote an attitude of thinking in terms of solutions, not problems;
  • as part of our tasks, we engage in teamwork, striving to make full use of the qualifications and competencies of all our employees;
  • we share our knowledge and communicate in a manner conducive to building partnership relations in teams and between the companies of the CCC Group;
  • we appreciate the commitment, experience and results of the work;
  • we appreciate commitment, experience and achieved results of work. We want to build relations between managers and employees on the basis of dialogue, mutual respect and trust;
  • we value cooperation and mutual support in achieving our goals for the benefit of the Group and its stakeholders.
  • we take great care of the safety of our employees and collaborators;
  • we comply with applicable laws and internal regulations concerning health and safety at work and strive to take actions exceeding legal requirements in this respect;
  • we respect with applicable laws and internal health and safety regulations and we strive to take actions that exceed legal requirements in this area;
  • we strive to increase the awareness and level of involvement of employees, in matters of safety at work, regardless of the position and area of work;
  • we protect and protect against possible unauthorised disclosure of any information of economic value, the disclosure of which could be harmful to the Group;
  • we protect not only confidential information, but also sensitive information, personal data and all relevant information that we hold;
  • we use confidential information only for the performance of our job duties that require access to it;
  • we are aware that the transmission or use of confidential information may result in legal sanctions;
  • we are responsible for the product we offer and therefore the quality is crucial for us;
  • taking care of the safety of our products, we meticulously check their quality at every stage of production;
  • we strive to ensure that our products meet national and international standards and norms;
  • we continuously improve our production, storage and sales practices and prevent situations that could affect product safety or quality on an ongoing basis;
  • as socially responsible, we engage in dialogue with our stakeholders. We are committed to respecting mutual expectations and obligations;
  • when dealing with competitors, we exercise caution and avoid questionable behaviour;
  • we do not acquire or use confidential information relating to competitors or proprietary to competitors or third parties.
  • we see opportunities for development and use them, but only with respect to the principles of fair competition;
  • our corporate culture is open to all, regardless of color, gender, age, descent, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, disability or any other aspect of diversity;
  • we recognise the differences between people and consider them as added value and strive to use them for the benefit of the Group;
  • we treat other colleagues as we would like to be treated ourselves;
  • taking care of employees, we set high standards of cooperation;
  • we endeavour to enable opinions to be expressed with respect for dignity and diversity of opinion;
  • we conduct employee appraisals fairly and with dignity;
  • we make full use of our knowledge and competences;
  • we build the value of the organization primarily on the professionalism of our employees, each of whom aims to be a specialist in their field;
  • in the implementation of tasks entrusted to us we are guided by the highest diligence and objectivity, striving for continuous improvement and improvement of professional qualifications;
  • continuous employee development is a prerequisite for the continued existence and development of our Group.

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