reduction in Scope 1+2 greenhouse gas emissions compared with the base year


of electricity used by CCC’s own facilities is obtained from renewable sources


stores in Poland participating in used footwear collection efforts


of waste generated by the CCC Group is recycled or otherwise recovered

Management of environmental issues

Management of environmental issues

In order to keep a balance between constant business expansion and environmental responsibility, we strive to mitigate the adverse impacts of our operations, including by minimising waste, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, expanding and investing in green logistics, and raising environmental awareness.

We recognise our impacts on the environment and climate in various areas of the value chain, the supply chain in particular, therefore we commit our suppliers to compliance with environmental regulations and rational use of resources.

We consistently monitor and evaluate the implemented measures, revise the set strategic objectives, monitor our environmental impact and conducts audits of our suppliers in order to be able to actively manage the environmental area and implement solutions that benefit both the organisation and the environment.

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In 2021, we developed and implemented the Circular Economy Roadmap, a plan for applying the principles of a circular economy across CCC in 2021 to 2025. The roadmap is based on the key aspects of circularity, including circular raw materials, circular packaging, product quality control, logistics efficiency and sustainable sales information.

Our plan comprises ten projects and over 50 concrete initiatives with specified completion dates.

CCC Group closed loop roadmap


Since 2020, we have run the Give Your Shoes a Second Life campaign, in which customers can drop off their old shoes at CCC offline stores in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.

All shoes collected under the initiative are taken care of in a responsible way: donated to charities, assessed for recyclability or safely disposed of.

In the two editions of the Give Your Shoes a Second Life project run in Poland so far, we have collected an impressive 60,000 pairs of shoes!

Climate change

Climate change

Our approach to climate change issues is underpinned by the assessment of risks, threats and opportunities we conducted in 2020 and the analysis of resilience of the CCC Group’s business model and strategy under different climate change scenarios, completed in 2021.

read more about our assessment 

Our impact on climate change can be seen mainly in the following areas:

  • fuel and energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions
  • greenhouse gas emissions from transport
  • production of raw materials and materials used in footwear manufacture. .

Our priority in reducing our impact on climate change is to curtail greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the proportion of renewable energy sources in our energy consumption mix and by enhancing the energy efficiency of our operations. We have purchased electricity from renewable sources (small hydropower plants and wind power) since 2021. We use the renewable electricity at our head office and all stores which have contracts signed directly with the supplier.

We have been reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) on our climate change action since 2020. The CDP is a non-profit organisation that runs a global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, countries and regions, and manages their environmental impact.

Link to the CDP report

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