Ownership structure

The Issuer's shareholding structure

* According to the list of persons authorized to participate in the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company 15.06.2022.
** Other investors holding less than 5% of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders.
A shareholder A number of owned shares % of the share capital the number of votes attached to shares % of the share in the number of votes of GM
ULTRO S.à r.l. (Subsidiary of mr. Dariusz Miłek) 17 077 465 31.12% 23 577 465 38.32%
Aviva OFE AVIVA SANTANDER* 4.022.000 7.33% 4.022.000 6.54%
Funds managed by Nationale-Nederlanden PTE S.A. 3.229.000 5.89% 3.229.000 5.25%
Other investors ** 30.539.535 55.66% 30.689.535 49.89%
Sum: 54.868.000 100,00% 61.518.000 100,00%

The company's share capital

The Company's share capital amounts to PLN 5,486,800.00 and is divided into 54,868,000 shares with a nominal value of PLN 0.10 each, including 6,650,000 registered preference shares as to voting rights, so that each share carries two votes. 

The Issuer's share capital consists of 54 868 000 shares.
Number of shares Series Type of shares
6.650.000 A1 (preference inscribed shares according to a vote – 2 votes of a 1 share)
13.600.000 A2 (ordinary bearer shares)
9.750.000 B (ordinary bearer shares)
2.000.000 C (ordinary bearer shares)
6.400.000 D (ordinary bearer shares)
768.000 E (ordinary bearer shares)
2.000.000 H (ordinary bearer shares)
6.850.000 I (ordinary bearer shares)
6.850.000 J (ordinary bearer shares)
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