Supplier characteristics

Supplier characteristics

Long-standing relationships with trading partners enable us to develop common labour standards, with the resulting benefits including compliance with strict requirements relating to product safety and quality, timely production and deliveries, as well as respect for human rights and compliance with social and environmental criteria.

We have a base of factories we have worked with for years. The direction we want to take envisages long-term business relationships, exclusive manufacturing arrangements, on-site supervision by CCC staff and regular visits at foreign factories.

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We are proud that our suppliers are implementing solutions that reflect their commitment to sustainability. Some of our partners’ accomplishments are: 

• LWG certification, with some suppliers awarded LWG Gold certificates (the highest rating for leather products); 

• Certificates of compliance with the SA8000 Standard, reflecting strong social performance in the workplace;

• Solar PV farms supplying renewable energy for factory needs.

Cooperation with suppliers

Cooperation with suppliers

We are one of the fastest growing footwear companies in Europe, and therefore commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility within the organisation and along its supply chain is our priority.

The requirements to be met by all our suppliers are set forth in the Supplier Code of Conduct (SCC), which defines the standards of conduct with respect to human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and the principles of business integrity.

To be able to work with CCC, suppliers are required to follow the provisions of the SCC in their business. This applies to a supplier’s employees and to all its subcontractors or sub-suppliers involved in the fulfilment of orders for CCC.

Caring to ensure continuous development and the highest standards of work, we developed ‘Policies and good practices of cooperation with suppliers of the CCC Group’, which define requirements for suppliers regarding ethical issues, restrictions on the use of hazardous substances in manufacturing, mandatory certificates of origin, and prohibition on the use of real fur in the CCC Group’s products. The document is intended mainly for our designers and buyers to ensure product safety and sustainability in an early design and procurement phase.

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Supplier audits

Supplier audits

We require our suppliers to periodically provide us with the results of audits performed by trusted, certified organisations. We regularly verify the number of audits carried out by our suppliers, and we check them for compliance with the principles of the Code of Conduct with regard to social and environmental matters. The audits are carried out by organisations which inspect working conditions in manufacturing plants.

Additional supplier monitoring and evaluation tools include the following:

• regular onsite supervision in key factories – hiring permanent CCC staff in Asian factories who are responsible for the production process and for inspecting the conditions in each factory;

• regular visits of head office staff at factories to oversee compliance with CCC standards.

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