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The purpose of the project is to establish a Research and Development Center by investing in apparatus, equipment and technologies to carry out R&D work for the creation of internationally innovative products and services.

The innovative (product and process) solutions planned to be developed as part of the R&D work are:

1) Development of production guidelines for personalized insoles for women's and men's footwear, considering safety and proper foot alignment;

2) Proprietary solutions for online kiosks in CCC stores, allowing customers to fill orders themselves and develop a distribution network;

3) Creation of a knowledge-sharing platform/interaction design for decision-making processes and customer needs;

4) Innovative concept for packaging of goods to reduce packaging costs and minimize waste generation.

Thanks to financial support from the EU, an investment will be made to enable R&D work in the scope outlined above.

The planned scope of activity of the Research and Development Center of the CCC Group will focus on the development and optimization of footwear production processes and the impact of applied technological solutions on the quality of final products. Within the framework of the statutory activity of the Center, four research areas have been distinguished - the main development directions considering the synergy of all four areas:

1) Research on the development of the product offer of the CCC group - development towards innovative products with particular emphasis on personalization

The main objectives of the implementation of the research area:

  • Development and adaptation of technological solutions aimed at combining aesthetic qualities with safety of use (health prevention, proper adjustment of footwear insoles to the foot)
  • Creation of a new, functional, personalized, improving safety and comfort line of insoles based on the collected data

2) Neuromarketing research area - understanding customer needs - model store (Customer Innovation Center).

The main objectives of implementing the research area:

  • Creating and analyzing customer needs through research work
  • Analysis of customers' decision-making processes
  • Creation of an ideal prototype/demonstration shopping environment subsequently implemented in commercial CCC chain stores worldwide
  • Research and analysis of customer comfort and their perception of the offered service/product
  • Effective management of the sales process

3) Analytical research area (CCC analytics)

The main objectives of implementing the research area:

  • To create a platform for generating and exchanging knowledge about the product, sales market, consumer needs and expectations
  • Integration of sales, purchasing and claims departments - improving decision-making processes
  • Create a database of solutions necessary for the CCC Group to shape its sales strategy in geographically, demographically and socially diverse markets
  • Streamlining the work of the product complaints department
  • Ultimately - improving sales efficiency

4) Research area for the development of technology for the distribution of CCC network products (logistics and warehouse center)

The main objectives of implementing the research area:

  • Development of the existing development department for logistics in the area of shoe distribution technology
  • Implementation of a new concept for packaging of goods in packaging and production processes
  • Minimization of waste generation
  • Minimization of packaging costs and reduction of negative impact on the environment


Amount of eligible costs of the project 14 378 658.68 PLN

Amount of project funding 2 875 731,74 PLN

We are pleased to announce that CCC SA is implementing the project "Implementation of innovative technologies for storage and distribution of footwear," co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007 - 2013.

Promotional material presenting innovative and the largest automatic logistics center mini-load in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Human Capital Operational Programme 2007-2013 - action: 8.1 Development of staff and businesses in the Lower Silesia region, sub-action: 8.1.1 Support of the development of professional skills and consultancy for companies, the CCC company received financial grant of 354 574.00 PLN from the sources of European Union under the European Social Fund for a comprehensive training program for employees of CCC SA.

The basic objective is:

    • improving the competence and knowledge of employees in the area of interpersonal skills;
    • improving the professional qualifications necessary to increase efficiency and improving the functioning and organization of work in the CCC company;

In addition, the financial support from the European Union has contributed to:

  • continuity and cyclicity of training;
  • consolidate the acquired knowledge and skills of employees;
  • budowania i wprowadzenia zintegrowanych modułów szkoleniowych oraz wypracowanie nowych metod organizacji i zarządzania pracą;
  • develop and implement integrated training modules and develop new methods of organization and management of work.

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