Sustainable products



of footwear is tested for harmful chemicals

Fur free



plastic bags used in our offline and online stores


of leather footwear is LWG-certified (as made in environmentally-friendly tanneries)

Sustainable raw materials

Sustainable raw materials

At the CCC Group, we continue to expand our portfolio of products made using green materials and technologies. These products are marketed under the slogan ‘weCare’.

The majority of products in the 'weCare' collection are made from leather certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG). LWG certificates are awarded to leather producers committed to the standards of utmost environmental care and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.

Products marked with the Water Based PU label are manufactured from recycled and environmentally sustainable materials. They contain no harmful substances or animal-derived materials.

The main raw material used to make Recycled plastic bottles-labeled hats, scarves and bags is recycled polyester. This is our contribution to reducing new plastic production.

The CCC Group’s brands Gino Rossi, DeeZee and CCC have joined the Fur Free Retailer programme, under which the CCC Group has committed to not use, order, sell or promote apparel, accessories or other products containing natural fur.

Safe product

Safe product

Chemicals are essential in the manufacture of footwear and apparel, and proper management of chemicals is critical to the safe use of our products. We require our suppliers to ensure that all products made for CCC, including packaging and brochures, comply with all standards applicable in the relevant sales market. Before going into production, all materials we use must be tested by accredited laboratories.
Before shipping any finished goods, each supplier is obliged to present the results of laboratory tests for chemical substances and a document certifying the material composition of every model.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging

Plastic bags are nowhere to be found in CCC offline stores or and online stores. We use only recycled bags and packaging. The bags are certified as having been made from responsibly sourced raw materials. In CCC and HalfPrice e-commerce, we replaced cardboard packaging with paperpacks (packaging made from 50–80% recycled paper). MODIVO uses packaging made from 100% renewable and recyclable Kraft paper that takes only months to decompose.

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