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„For the CCC Group, which has emerged as an ESG leader in recent years, the motivation to create and implement sustainability projects is plentiful.

One is our belief that this is the right path aligned with our mission, vision and values – we want to create sustainable fashion. We recognise that ESG is increasingly important in finance, with green projects providing better access to funding on more favourable terms and helping to avoid the opportunity cost associated with new regulations. The regulatory environment obliges us to meet ever new requirements in climate reporting, carbon footprint measurement and circular economy, to name just a few. Today sustainability is one of the priorities of our GO.25 business strategy.”

- Kamilla Budnik, Head of Sustainability


As the CCC Group, we act responsibly in every aspect of our business. We listen to our partners and work with them to identify ESG priorities. We analyse stakeholder expectations and our environmental, social and economic impacts across the value chain.

We are able to foster dialogue and comprehensively develop sustainability directions for the CCC Group thanks to our biennial materiality assessments.

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We conduct the materiality assessments by engaging a total of nine stakeholder groups. The in-depth analysis provides us with an insight into which topics should be given the Priority status, which are Important, and which should be assigned the Normal status. This knowledge allows us to develop plans and set short-, medium- and long-term goals. Identification of ESG risks and opportunities is another aspect that helps us tailor our efforts to customer expectations.  

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Active membership of various organisations is a major factor in shaping our relations with society. We know that many of the challenges we are facing today require cross-sectoral co-operation, consistency and commitment. By joining international and national initiatives, we can work with external partners to increase our positive environmental impact, learn from each other, and expand our reach.

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In 2022, we became a signatory to the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. UNGC member organisations are required to align their operations and strategies with ten principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact:

Human Rights
1. Support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights
2. Make sure your business is not complicit in human rights abuses

3. Uphold the freedom of association
4. Elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour
5. Effective abolition of child labour
6. Elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation

7. Support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
8. Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
9. Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies Anti-Corruption
10. Work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

We are the first Polish company to join the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action (in 2021) and become one of the top 100 global fashion brands committed to a collective effort aimed at protecting the environment and the climate.

In 2021, we became a partner of We Mean Business Coalition, a global non-profit coalition working with the world’s most influential businesses to take action on climate change.

Business For Nature is a global coalition that brings together business and conservation organisations and forward-thinking companies. It demonstrates credible business leadership aiming to reverse nature loss before the end of the decade.

This global initiative is guided by its mission to phase out harmful chemicals in the manufacture of materials used by the apparel and footwear sectors. As a friend of ZDHC, we are working to raise industry awareness and commit our suppliers to eliminate harmful substances from the production process.

The Forum is a think-and-do-tank supporting companies in achieving progress in responsible business practices. It is also the initiator and partner of the CSR Fair, the Responsible Business League and the Sustainability Reports competition, among other projects. We joined the Responsible Business Forum as its Strategic Partner.

As the CCC Group, we have made an individual commitment to take concrete action to deliver on the sustainability goals outlined in our Articles of Association, which include delivery of the Sustainable Development Strategy and harmonisation of standards in our supply chain.

We have been signatory to the Diversity Charter since 2019. The Diversity Charter commitments for its signatories include elimination of discriminatory practices within their respective organisations, promotion of diversity and equal treatment, and in particular readiness to involve its employees, trading and social partners in those efforts.

We are a supporting member of the Polish Association of Listed Companies. The association supports the development of the Polish capital market and represents the interests of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The mission of the Chamber of the Electronic Economy is to support development of the digital industry in Poland through collaboration, exchange of know-how, legislative initiatives and strong and effective representation of common interests in dealings with government authorities in Poland and the European Union and non-governmental organisations at home and abroad.

The overarching goal of the Union of Associations Advertising Council is to promote the highest ethical standards in marketing communications. Through our active participation in the organisation, we want to influence activities that support self-regulation and development and promotion of ethical advertising practices in the Polish media space.

The PSML brings together industry leaders setting new business standards in supply chain management. Working with partners from various backgrounds, PSML develops and promotes good business practices and undertakes intensive efforts to drive the development of competencies and human resources in partnership with universities and the business community.

The Lower Silesia Educational Cluster in the Legnica Special Economic Zone was established to facilitate skills forecasting and to help increase the availability of hands-on vocational training. The organisation coordinates the activities of schools and businesses so that they can co-operate in establishing patronage classes and developing the idea of dual education that meets the needs of business.

The JWU Convention is an opinion-forming advisory body that supports the development of the University and its teaching, research and organisational activities. As an active participant of the Convention, we have a real impact on the curriculum and the quality of education of our potential employees.

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