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A whopping several thousand złoty for a pair of collectible Sprandi shoes!

No one is surprised anymore at the sight of people standing in long queues to buy a dream pair of sports shoes from limited-edition collections released by famous brands. Sprandi has just joined the group of iconic brands with its Green Series collection, thanks to an online auction of collectible Sprandi shoe models autographed by Young Leosia.


The shoes bearing the young rapper’s autograph had been put up for auction, the results of which far surpassed the organisers’ expectations. All the collectible models sold for over a thousand złoty per pair, one of them having fetched a price in excess of 5 thousand złoty!


The whole auction proceeds totalled several dozen thousand złoty. The brand decided that funds raised through the auction would be donated to the Inspiring Girls Foundation, whose mission is to inspire young girls to become leaders of the future – have the courage to articulate their dreams and pursue their ambitions in harmony with themselves, making a valuable contribution to the world around them. This was another joint initiative of this kind undertaken by CCC, Sprandi and Young Leosia, a girl rapper celebrity. After her latest concert tour with Sprandi as the Partner, the CCC Group donated funds of 50 thousand złoty to the Foundation.





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