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Become Who You Want to Be – CCC Group teams up with Omenaa Foundation to create shoes that inspire and help

Become Who You Want to Be is the slogan of a charity campaign launched by the Omenaa Foundation and the CCC Group as its main partner. Under the project a limited collection of sports footwear for children and adults has been created, featuring drawings of children in the care of the Foundation depicting their dream professions. All proceeds from sale will be donated to support the education of children from Ukraine, from children’s homes in Poland and from Ghana. The collection will be available across 70 CCC stores and on and from April 1st.

‘The main aim of the Foundation is to support the development of children and provide them with access to education. Our key focus is on helping children from Africa and offering equal opportunities to residents of children’s homes in Poland. On the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we decided to expand the campaign and allocate funds primarily to support children who are victims of this unjustified aggression. In a few days we are launching RiO EDU CENTRUM, a daytime education and support centre that will provide assistance mainly to mothers and children from Ukraine. At the centre, children will be able to learn and play with their peers, and women will be provided with legal and psychological assistance, as well as opportunities to develop skills needed to find employment. Part of the proceeds from the Become Who You Want To Be campaign will be used to fund the centre’s operations. We encourage you to participate so that we can help children realise their goals and dreams together,’ said Omenaa Mensah, the initiator of the project and the Foundation’s President.

Children’s dreams have no limits. Nurse, mechanic, veterinarian, astronaut, chef, hairdresser, even a detective and a Formula 1 driver – these are some of the professions children in the care of the Omenaa Foundation would like to pursue in the future. To encourage them to go ahead with their plans, the organisation teamed up with the CCC Group for the Become Who You Want To Be campaign. A unique line of sneakers with children’s drawings depicting their dream jobs has been created under the project.

The shoes created as part of the Become Who You Want To Be campaign are quite unique – they illustrate children’s dreams and help the dreams come true. Our joint charity project is designed to inspire children to Become Who You Want To Be and to provide long-term assistance. Thousands of young people in Ukraine have become victims of war and are in need of very tangible care and support. Despite the difficult experiences, they deserve to fulfil their childhood dreams. This is our contribution to making that happen,’ explained Michal Zgiep, Managing Director of Purchasing and Product at the CCC Group.

Become Who You Want To Be shoe collection with drawings made by children in the care of the Foundation will be available across 70 CCC stores and on and from April 1st. The collection comprises two lines of footwear, one marketed under the CCC brand and the other under the brand. The collection available in CCC stores consists of 13 children’s shoe designs, four women’s shoe designs and four men’s shoe designs. The collection consists of six shoe designs, including two for small children, two for older children, one for men and one for women. All proceeds from the sale of Become Who You Want To Be collection will be donated to support educational projects run by the Omenaa Foundation.

The project ambassadors are Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan, Radosław Majdan, Cezary Pazura, Dorota Gardias, Zosia Ślotała-Haidar and Wojciech Sikora. The ambassadors along with their children and residents of children’s homes in Poland took part in a photo shoot promoting the campaign.

More information on the collection is available at and soon also at

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