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Buy children’s shoes or a backpack at CCC now and pay later!

Shopping for children’s shoes for the new school year or planning to replace your worn backpack with a more comfy one? Find shoes, backpacks and more at CCC stores. With the PayPo service available in all of the brand’s stores, customers can take purchased items home and delay the payment for up to a month at no extra cost. Deferred payments are available in offline stores, online and on the CCC mobile app.

The back-to-school and back-to-the-office season is an intense time for many of our customers. For parents, shopping for new shoes or school bags for their children can be a daunting task, particularly given the challenges of managing the family budget they are facing these days. At CCC, we make back-to-school shopping easier with a wide selection of products for children at great prices. In addition, all purchases can be paid for using PayPo via the CCC app even a month after the purchase. This extremely fast and convenient solution takes less than 10 seconds to complete,’ says Arkadiusz Ruciński, Managing Director of Online Sales at the CCC Group.

The PayPo service is available in offline stores (via the CCC mobile app) and in the online store. CCC is the first retail chain in its segment in Poland and one of the first in Europe to introduce this convenient payment solution. To use the PayPo service in-store, simply generate a code via the CCC mobile app and provide it to the cashier at checkout.

The PayPo service helps customers to shop safely and make well-thought-out purchases, also enabling them manage their expenses and control their household budgets. This is particularly relevant during the run-up to the new school year when parents face having to spend large sums of money simultaneously to provide school supplies for one, and often more than just one, child,’ says Tomasz Hadzik, Vice President of the PayPo Management Board. ‘With PayPo, customers can buy school supplies now and defer the payment over time at their convenience and at no additional cost. This allows them to maintain liquidity during this hot period.  

As PayPo’s first partner, CCC offers its customers the Divide by 4 product that can be used in the chain’s offline stores. It enables customers to pay for their purchases in four instalments at no interest. Within 30 days of the purchase, the customer decides whether they prefer to pay the full amount owed for the purchase or just one of the four instalments. No additional costs will be charged on the deferred payment in either option.

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