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CCC application celebrates its 1st birthday! Over 1.4 million downloads.

Today, February 20th, it has been exactly one year since the launch of the CCC application. The mobile tool of one of the largest footwear chains in Europe, 12 months after its launch, has already recorded over 1.4 million downloads. The application also enjoys very high ratings from users - an average of 4.3 in Google Play and 4.7 in App Store. Intensive work on the Mcommerce channel in the last year gave more than 60% of total CCC online sales.

The application is planned to be launched in the coming months in the Czech and Slovak markets, and later in the year it will also be available in Romania, Hungary and Austria.

The application supports omnichannel sales of the company, which is one of the pillars of the new strategy of CCC GO.22, combining online and offline channels and engaging customers in co-creating the brand and fashion world.

The CCC application makes it easier for customers to shop online by using modern functionalities such as Visual Search - searching for products on the basis of an image (available in the iOS operating system) or "swipe" (like/dislike) - searching by evaluating products available in the store. The customer can also check the availability of products in offline stores or find the nearest store. Users have access to the current promotional offer online and in offline stores, while members of the CCC Club use the mobile version of their loyalty card. People who want to join the Club have the opportunity to register through the application - by the end of January over 200 thousand customers have used this option.

In the next few months it is planned to implement additional application functionalities, such as the possibility of personalizing push notifications for promotions and communication about the latest collection or providing shoe visualization in 3D model, which the user can then transfer to the world of augmented reality. It will also be possible to download to the application data from the platform, i.e. a foot scan made with a special scanner in the CCC offline store or Thanks to this, the application will match the best size of shoes without the need to try them on. Later this year, you will also be able to pay for purchases with Google Pay or Apple Pay, and sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

Today our application has become the heart of communication with customers. Thanks to it, we have a constant contact with our group of recipients, and consumers have constant access to the offer and promotion of CCC. We are constantly working on the development of new functionalities, we conduct data analysis to verify the usefulness of current functions, and we also increase the visual attractiveness of the tool. We want to set trends on the e-commerce market. Excellent evaluations of both users and experts are confirmation for us that we are going in the right direction. Today, the share of the mcommerce channel (application and website from mobile devices) is already over 60% of online sales - says Jakub Jasiński, Director of Omnichannel Development CCC.

In last year's edition of the Ecommerce Awards competition organized by the Chamber of Electronic Trade, CCC application won in the category "Best on mobile". In January this year, the application was nominated in the Commerce/Mcommerce category in the Mobile Trends Awards 2019, called Oscars in Mobile industry.

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