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Eight experts in a broad variety of fields will now make their knowledge available to the CCC Club community. Not a Club Member yet? Join now to learn new skills and explore unknown areas. Unique meetings with a group of experts and enthusiasts in their respective fields will be held for you every Thursday.

Want to enhance your knowledge of a particular subject or learn new skills? Join the CCC Club and gain access to exclusive meetings with a select group of experts. Knowledgeable and passionate about eight diverse areas of life, they will be waiting for CCC Club Members to share their expertise.

The figures invited to work with the CCC Club are quite exceptional, their interests spanning a wide range of topics, from fashion and beauty, to parenting and lifestyle, to sports and culture, who will offer a series of engaging workshops.

The one for fashion enthusiasts and others will be run by Karolina Limbach, a stylist associated with the Elle magazine and the TVN Style station, who will share some tricks of her trade, showing how to create fashionable looks using a wide range of handbags and shoes. Lovers of interiors and greenery will enjoy an opportunity to benefit from the experience of Remigiusz Dobrawa, a horticulturist and greenery designer AKA Re.Dor, who will introduce us to the secrets of plant care.

And there is more to come, as the CCC Club Stories will feature the journalist Anna Dec, talking of her experience of being a mother, as well as Joanna Ryglewicz, the founder of the Oio Lab skin care brand, and Magdalena Gabryś, the woman behind the Face Face Baby project, who will reveal the secrets of natural skin care. Iga Majewska, the creator of Warsaw Pilates, will be working with Club Members to practise breath, posture and well-being, while Zuza Sapeta, the owner of PAITITI HOLISTIC STORE, will take care of the soul and the body, teaching the participants how to make homemade incense. Those who love culture won’t be disappointed either, as the journalist Maja Chitro will take them to the exciting world of film, literature and art. Zuzanna Liskowska, known on social media as Arbuzazuza and recognised by a wider audience of the ‘MasterChef’ TV show, will be sharing a wealth of cooking advice.

The unique CCC Club Stories will await CCC Club Members every Thursday – you can’t miss them!

If you’re not part of the CCC Club community yet, join now via the mobile app or the website. Tap into expertise spanning various fields, deepen your own knowledge and make your life more interesting!


The CCC Club Stories are available in the CCC Club Member Section on the CCC app.

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