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CCC Friends

You no longer have to shop alone. Join CCC Friends and connect with other streetwear fans!

Need tips on style? Not sure which pair of sneakers to go for? Join CCC Friends and forget about shopping dilemmas. Connect with your friends to shop for fashion together.

CCC Friends is a new place for streetwear fans. With the new function in the CCC mobile app and on, you will be able to explore the latest items by Adidas, create fashion wish lists and exchange views with friends. Share your product reviews, create fashion polls, and chat with other CCC shoppers. From now on, your shopping experience will be cooler than ever before.

How does it work? Use the mobile app or website, click on the widget or go to the CCC Friends section and sign up for an account. All you need to log in is an email address or an account connection to Facebook or Google. Generate a unique link and connect with your fashion friends.

Special activities await all CCC Friends. Enter our contest and win a new pair of Adidas shoes. One person wins every day!

Use the mobile app or the website and go to the Friends section. Post the pair of Adidas shoes you like best (add a link or include the product). Name the occasion you would wear them for and add the hashtags #CCCFriends #CCCAdidas #CCCcontest. Submissions close on July 2nd.

Thirteen lucky winners will be announced on July 5th. Each winner will receive a code for 99% off a pair of Adidas shoes! Contest details on Facebook: @cccshoesbags.

Join our community, inspire and share your shopping experiences. See you on the CCC Friends platform, fashion friend!

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