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CCC Group becomes first company in Poland to feature in Circulytics ranking

The efforts undertaken by the CCC Group to transition the company towards a circular economy have been analysed by Circulytics, a prestigious international rating tool, which evaluates companies’ commitment to and progress in moving towards more circular business models and identifies needs and areas for improvement. The CCC Group has received an overall rating of ‘C’.

‘As our business grows, so does our responsibility towards customers, employees, society and the environment. Therefore, developing a circular economy model is one of the goals enshrined in our sustainability strategy. We are the first company in Poland to report data to Circulytics. We have obtained an assessment of our past accomplishments in the transition towards a circular economy as well as guidance on areas for improvement and an opportunity to compare our progress against peers in our sector and industry,’ explained Hanna Kamińska, Head of the Management Board Office at the CCC Group.

Circulytics is a tool created by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, an organisation committed to building and promoting a circular economy. It helps companies measure and track recyclable material flows. Based on company data and its own statistics and metrics, it provides a complete picture of the circularity achieved in particular business areas, from material sourcing to production and export processes. A total of 11 themes are analysed in two categories: enablers and outcomes. Grades are awarded on a scale of E to A, with E being the lowest and A being the highest score.

The CCC Group has received an overall rating of ‘C-’ for its activities enabling circularity and a rating of ‘C’ for its performance measured based on quantitative data. The achieved outcome is in line with the industry average. Strategy and planning (‘B’) and people and skills (‘B-’) were evaluated as the strongest circularity drivers.

‘We have set ourselves specific goals and targets. In 2021, we developed the Circular Economy Roadmap, which provides direction for our circularity efforts. It contains ten projects that we will consistently implement in the years to come. The rating from Circulytics experts is of great value to us, motivating us to seek continuous development and new, innovative circular solutions,’ noted Kamilla Budnik, Sustainability Leader at the CCC Group.


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