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The CCC Capital Group, as the first company in Poland, has completed the implementation of the latest version of the SAP S / 4 HANA financial and accounting system provided by SAP - a leader on the ERP services market. The implementation of the system supports the implementation of the GO.22 business strategy of the Group, which one of the pillars is to increase the efficiency of the organization. As part of standardizing and simplifying processes and increasing the efficiency of reporting, the CCC Group also launched the Shared Services Center in Polkowice.

Further digitization in the Group, through the implementation of the SAP financial and accounting system, is to enable even greater control and improvement of the quality of processes in the area of ​​finance and accounting, and allow for savings and scalability of solutions. The new system will also support areas such as consolidation, procurement, investment and controlling. The objectives pursued by the system include, among others acceleration of status and management reporting, increasing ongoing control over the results of the companies belonging to the CCC Group, standardization and simplification of business processes, unification of data for the purposes of management information and reduction of data acquisition costs.

- Planning of modern process and data architecture inside the organization began a year ago with a thorough pre-implementation analysis. We decided on the SAP system, which has all the functionalities needed for the scale and dynamics of business that the CCC Group represents. SAP Analytics Cloud is one of the system's innovative tools that will support us in budgeting and spending planning. This solution will complement the Business Intelligence tool used so far to manage data from the SAP system. What is very important, the implementation of the system took place as planned, despite the fact that in March our team worked practically entirely remotely. - says Agnieszka Mielcarek, Financial Director of CCC S.A.

The implementation was possible despite restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic, because CCC as an organization has long been using digital tools supporting teamwork such as Sharepoint, Confluence, JIRA or Zoom. With regard to the latter, namely "Zoom", only in the last 7 days there were 1 441 meetings in the company, in which 7 965 participants took part and which lasted a total of 259 739 minutes. These tools are fully integrated with the company's IT infrastructure, which allows for very restrictive security with very effective work.

Currently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, CCC is conducting accelerated finance optimization processes. New tools to improve financial supervision (SAP, SAC, BI) and Shared Services Center will facilitate obtaining effective management information, which will allow for even greater cost discipline.

- The motivation and commitment of the crew is at the highest level, which is why even in such an extreme situation we managed to keep the implementation schedule, of which I am extremely proud. The new financial and accounting system will help us standardize financial data and react quickly and effectively to changes. As a result of SAP implementation, we will improve the financial supervision process and gain time by accelerating management reporting. The standardization of financial and accounting processes is another important step supporting our optimization activities and integration of the Group companies. The launched Shared Services Center in Polkowice is to additionally support us in standardizing data and increasing reporting efficiency - says Marcin Czyczerski, President of the Management Board of CCC S.A.

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