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CCC Group on the lookout for best talent in technology

As the CCC Group continues its rapid growth in the omnichannel model, it is launching a major recruitment campaign. Its aim is to take on technology professionals, including programmers, data administrators, cyber security specialists and developers.

Retail is currently one of the industries that embrace digitalisation at the fastest pace, with new innovations emerging every now and then, streamlining the shopping process or improving the customer experience. At CCC, we see ourselves today as a technology company. As part of our technology investment effort we seek to hire the most talented specialists on the market to join our team, says Adam Marciniak, Vice President of the Management Board for Technology and Digitalisation of the CCC Group.

The CCC Group places great importance on technology development. It already has an e-commerce platform covering more than a dozen countries, modern digital stores, an advanced cloud-based analytics environment and a range of technology solutions that improve the shopping experience for customers. GO.25: Everything fashion. Omnichannel Platform, the recently announced new strategy of the Group, puts even more emphasis on digitalisation. “Our strategic focus is to develop unique technological competencies and solutions, building a leading position among omnichannel platforms in the fashion sector in our part of the world. We plan to triple the team directly dedicated to these tasks. We focus our attention on growth driven in large part by developing new solutions within the organisation, enabling their fast and effective implementation and strengthening of our competitive edge, Adam Marciniak added.

We are currently recruiting to fill 24 vacancies, including jobs for developers, data analysts, and cloud application development and cyber security specialists. The Group is looking to hire new employees within the next few months.

The FashionTech teams in the CCC Group are composed of creative, motivated people with an open attitude towards new challenges. Working for our company offers a lot of creative freedom, also in technology areas. We are looking for people who want to develop new services for customers and revolutionise the retail industry with us,” added Adam Marciniak.

The full list of positions is available at 

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