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CCC in the Łukasiewicz INNOVATOR index

The Łukasiewicz INNOVATOR index had its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Among the 14 companies collected in it, there was also the CCC Group. The index presents and promotes listed companies that develop their potential in cooperation with the Polish scientific sector.

The aim of the Index, which includes companies listed on the WSE Main Market and on NewConnect, is to distinguish companies using the scientific achievements of the Polish scientific sector that engage in R&D. Research areas include, among others understanding consumer needs, distribution and product innovation.

The companies included in the Łukasiewicz INNOVATOR Index develop their potential in cooperation with the scientific sector, represented by an integrated network of research institutes - the Łukasiewicz Research Network. In the case of the CCC Group, so far it has been the implementation of a project in the field of researching the ergonomics of footwear with health properties and training in the field of footwear design and technology.

The quotations of the Łukasiewicz INNOVATOR Index are published twice a day, starting on April 12th. The weights of all companies participating in the Index are equal on the date of the periodic review. The list of index participants will be updated four times a year: after the last session in March, June, September and December.

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