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The CCC company, the leader of the footwear sector in Central and Eastern Europe, is expanding its product line using ecological technologies or materials, which will be signed with the slogan "Go for Nature". The new products will be available in the next fall / winter AW 2020 collection and will appear in stores in September. The eco line is part of the Group's Sustainable Development Strategy and one of its key areas - a responsible product. The collection includes leather shoes from ecological tannery (LWG certificate), women's, men's and children's accessories, in which the main raw material comes from recycling PET bottles or fully natural raw materials, as well as products created with the utmost care for the environment (including Water based PU).

Shoes and accessories from the "Go for Nature" collection have 2 main distinguishing features. First of all, the production process is characterized by the optimization of water and energy consumption using the latest technologies, thanks to which we obtain environmentally friendly products. Secondly, products from this line were made from ecological raw materials and will be awarded with three types of labels: Leather Working Group, Water based PU and Recycled plastic bottles. The majority of the "Go for Nature" collection consists of footwear made of leather certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG) - an organization that brings together stakeholders throughout the entire supply chain of this raw material.

LWG certificates distinguish leather manufacturers who are extremely diligent in environmental protection and performance throughout the entire production process. The LWG aims to promote sustainable business practices, such as the failure of manufacturers to use potentially critical substances in skin treatment, and to reduce water and energy consumption. Currently, the share of leather from LWG-certified tanneries in the production processes of the entire CCC Group is 15%. As part of activities consistent with the CCC Sustainable Development Strategy, this share is expected to increase gradually reaching 21% by 2022. Products (footwear and accessories) labeled Water based PU indicate the use of recycled materials for their production, created in accordance with the principles of environmental protection, biodegradable. They do not contain any harmful substances, animal raw materials or chemical compounds. They are made of water-based resin and do not contain solvents. In addition, a small amount of water and energy is needed to produce eco-leather or synthetic materials with a Water Based PU certificate. During the production of the raw material, only water vapor is emitted to the air. Production becomes virtually emission-free, thus not polluting the air or soil.

For accessories such as hats, scarves and bags labeled Recycled plastic bottles, the main raw material used to make them is recycled polyester. Recycled PET (rPET) is an environmentally friendly, high-quality, strong polyester fiber made entirely of recycled PET plastic bottles. Thanks to it, the production of new plastic is limited by processing old plastic into new one. In addition, such production is less energy-consuming, and during this process carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption are also reduced. The plastic bottle in turn gets a "second life". - Care for the natural environment is an integral part of our business. Our recently announced Sustainable Development Strategy is a synthesis of our approach to environmental issues, as well as a response to the needs of customers and the market in which we operate. By creating the "Go for Nature" collection, we care about our common good, which is the ecosystem. An increasing number of customers, in particular people buying children's products, pay attention to the origin of raw materials and the way they are produced. Today, as part of the Lasocki Kids and Lasocki Young collections, all shoes are made of leather from LWG-certified tannery. In addition, about 43% of children's accessories are made of recycled PET plastic bottles. This is just the beginning of the road, with each year of our strategy we want to increase the number of organic products available under the CCC brand - says Michał Zgiep, Product Category and Stock Management Director at CCC S.A.

As part of the product responsibility area, in the sustainable development strategy GO.22 CCC also implements other solutions such as ensuring responsibility in the supply chain. The Supplier Code of Conduct implemented and signed by all raw material suppliers as well as regular audits of their activities guarantee the provision of safe and good quality products on the market that are simultaneously produced and sold in a responsible manner. CCC also strives to close the circulation of products through collection and appropriate management of used footwear. During the pilot project in Switzerland in 2019, 530 tonnes of footwear was collected. This year, collection is planned in 11 stores in Poland.

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