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CCC Lasocki Winter Stories and a journey to the sweetest memories

The upcoming Christmas is a time full of magic, warmth and unforgettable moments shared with loved ones. And it was they who became the main topic of the Lasocki Winter Stories Christmas campaign presented by CCC. In order to emphasize the value of real emotions and the relationship that connects us with close relationships, the brand invites us on a unique journey.

In the first room, called Space for Love, we are welcomed by a happy, multigenerational family - parents, children and grandparents. It is a story about love, trust and extremely durable bonds. In the role of the housewife, top model Edita Vilkevičiūtė, who participated in shows of the biggest fashion houses, incl. Balenciaga, Chanel or Miu Miu. At her side, Jason Morgan, the hero of the front pages of the magazines "L'Officiel", "Numero" and "Elle Man".

In the second apartment, Space for Joy, two friends are waiting for us, inspiring it-girls. In addition to mutual sympathy, they share an interest in fashion and the latest trends. They like to experiment with style, and for them fashion is synonymous with freedom and fun. In this episode of Winter Stories, the main characters are models - Birgit Kos, who worked, among others for Tom Ford and Loane Normand, previously associated with the Chanel, Prada and Boss brands.

Space for Energy, the third room, immersed in energetic red, is a place full of dynamics and temperament. It is dedicated to men who like to express their personality through style. They are bold and expressive. Starring: Adrian Chabada and Matthias El Koulali.

Behind the last window is Space for Individuality, where self-awareness and individuality are at the fore. Its star, actress and ambassador of the Lasocki brand, Małgorzata Kożuchowska, encourages you to look for your own style, your own "me" and create a world in which we will feel safe and special.

Shown in four scenes, the latest Lasocki collection is aimed at people of all ages and styles. Although consistent, it can combine classic elegance (high heels, pumps, oxfords) with the prevailing trends on the catwalks, such as high, knee-high boots or massive, heavy boots. Everyone will find something for themselves in it. Both the youngest and the oldest.

For the Lasocki brand, it is not only design that counts, but also the right quality and finish. With the latest Winter Stories campaign, she also wants to emphasize how important real emotions and sincere, close ties are for her. The four-part story evokes the sweetest Christmas memories, but also encourages you to create new ones, because the latest Lasocki collection is a great gift idea. There is nothing better than a moment with your loved ones and the opportunity to give them thoughtful gifts.

The collection is available in CCC stationary stores, on and in the brand's application.

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