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The CCC Group, a leader of the footwear sector in Central and Eastern Europe, in parallel with the unlocking of Poland’s economy and reopening of stores, is launching the “We missed you” campaign, in which it offers its customers attractive special offers for the products available in brick-and-mortar stores. The Group has already reopened 470 stores in Poland and 173 in Europe.

When the stores were all closed and the online sales channel was the only one available, CCC became more active in social media, especially on Instagram, enabling customers to shop and running numerous content campaigns (e.g. through live sessions, InstaStories). In the last eight weeks, CCC started working with nearly 200 influencers.

Stepping up efforts on Instagram provides additional support within the CCC omnichannel sales model, based on online and store sales. CCC is gradually reopening its brick-and-mortar stores following the government’s decision to reopen the economy after the lockdown caused by the outbreak of the pandemic in Poland. During the first stage, on April 20th more 130 stores were re-opened in retail parks in smaller towns across Poland. On May 4th, the Group re-opened 470 stores (out of its 1,219 stores throughout Europe) in shopping malls. Thus, after the end of the #hometimestories campaign encouraging people to stay at home, the Company is launching a new campaign under the slogan “We missed you” and offers customers special discount schemes – 20% for the first product, 30% for the second, and 50% for the third one (for all products available in brick-and-mortar stores).

While the stores were closed, almost 200 influencers with 20,000–50,000 followers presented on their accounts shoes from the CCC brand portfolio, such as Sprandi or Jenny Fairy. Followers were offered unique discount codes allowing them to shop in the CCC online shop with a discount. CCC has also established long-term cooperation with several dozen of the most popular influencers, including fashion experts, stylists, sports coaches or parenting bloggers.

For a long time now, CCC has been using Instagram not only to build its image, but also to boost sales. Instagram is an excellent tool for building a product community and the pandemic time has clearly demonstrated that keeping in touch with customers and the brand’s friends is very important and translates into engagement and purchasing decisions. CCC’s Instagram account already has more than 200,000 followers. The DeeZee brand, with over half a million followers, is unrivalled in building an engaged community. It is Poland’s largest fashion account, and keeps growing all the time. Our plans include an even wider use of social media as important image-building and sales channels because, firstly, we can see that our customers want to be there with us and, secondly, they are eager to move from the online world to the offline world, that is to brick-and-mortar stores. We are gradually ‘returning to normal’ in terms of communication after the COVID-19 lockdown. As we are reopening our stores, we have prepared various activities under the slogan “We missed you”. We are very much looking forward to seeing our customers again. We will do our best to ensure a safe and pleasant shopping experience in our brick-and-mortar stores. We are waiting for our customers and we have prepared for them products reflecting the latest spring and summer trends as well as special offers with which we will certainly stand out on the market,’said Jakub Grzelak, CCC Group Sales Director.

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