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CCC, Sprandi and Young Leosia teaming up to support Girls!

A young girl rapper sets out on an intergalactic journey to make things easier for her fellow girls on Earth. To support her mission, the brands have decided to donate 50 thousand zloty to the Inspiring Girls Poland Foundation. 

CCC and Sprandi are sending Young Leosia into outer space for an extraterrestrial meeting with the Inspiring Girls Foundation. Her mission is to inspire young girls to become leaders of the future – have the courage to articulate their dreams and pursue their ambitions in harmony with themselves, making a valuable contribution to the world around them. The Foundation actively supports girls in pursuing their passions and boosting their self-confidence through inspiring role models. Inspiring Girls also works to overcome thwarting stereotypes and bridge educational gaps, helping develop skills of the future. Sharing these values, CCC and Sprandi have decided to donate 50 thousand złoty to support the Foundation’s goals. 

Young Leosia herself, who has the mission of Inspiring Girls very close to heart, had a say in choosing the Foundation – after all, she has soared to popularity as a Polish girl rapper on a music scene dominated by boys. 

As a little girl I was living in a world of dreams, watching Rihanna and other strong women on stage, and my goal was to get there too,” says Young Leosia in an interview with Going. MORE. “I am very lucky to have seen my dreams turn into reality as I perform and give concerts. If I now get a chance to really help other girls make their dreams come true by lending my support to such campaigns as the Young Leosia x Sprandi Mission, where CCC is donating funds to the Inspiring Girls Poland Foundation to reach even more girls, I think it is a worthwhile project.”

The charity campaign is accompanied by a photo shoot of Young Leosia posing as an astronaut. The young rapper captured through the camera lens of Zuza Krajewska will be showcased as an example that girls can become what they want to be and pursue their dream careers, breaking even the most deeply held beliefs and stereotypes. Her walk to the Copernicus monument wearing an astronaut’s suit or limousine ride with a platinum record are to symbolise that girls can achieve the most spectacular successes and accomplish great things even in male dominated areas. During the session, Young Leosia is modelling products of the Sprandi Universe latest capsule collection.

The campaign marks a huge step forward for CCC and Sprandi in building awareness of the younger generation. The brands believe this is just the beginning of their collaborative journey of educating, offering support and breaking negative stereotypes. 

Products of the Sprandi Universe capsule collection are available from the CCC offline stores, at and through the brand’s app.


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