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CCC to deliver footwear and bags to customer’s doorstep within impressive 60 minutes from order

In response to customer needs and the threat of renewed brick-and-mortar retail closures in Poland, the CCC Group has started testing a new service where a product ordered online would be delivered to the customer’s doorstep within 60 minutes from the time of placing the order. Products to be delivered would be taken from brick-and-mortar stores. The new service would be available in Warsaw already in November and soon afterwards – in other big cities.

Simple ordering and swift deliveries – this is how the new service offered by CCC could be described in a nutshell. After entering his or her postal code when placing an online order, a customer would see the available delivery options. Orders made in Warsaw would have the ‘same-day delivery’ filter now. If this option is chosen, the order will be transferred to a CCC store in the city centre and a courier will be promptly notified via a dedicated app that the order has been packed and is ready to be picked up and delivered to the customer. 

“Footwear is to be delivered within 60 minutes or less of placing an order. This is an innovative solution on the market, with instant doorstep deliveries not yet offered by any other retailer. We figured that if pizza can be at your house within several dozen minutes, then why not shoes? We are piloting the solution in Warsaw now, but if it catches on we want to introduce it more widely across all major cities,” said Konrad Jezierski, Head of Omnichannel Development at CCC.

Our objective is to make online shopping more attractive and easier, which is particularly important during the pandemic, but also to break the barrier of a standard delivery time, which many customers still consider too long. The 60-minute lead time is a response to these expectations, designed to address the needs of especially the younger generation, who live in the here and now. This is the way they live, the way they want to do their shopping and have products delivered: at once. Our task is to adapt to what the market needs. We are the first to blaze a trail, because we know the pioneer is always more easily remebered and recommeded,” added Konrad Jezierski.

“We will seek to further improve the efficiency of the service so that we can deliver most parcels within 30–45 minutes next year. We want our customers to feel we can offer them both excellent and attractively priced products, and a groundbreaking service. CCC stands for #CzynneCalyCzas (or #Open24/7), despite the lockdown,” added Karol Półtorak, Vice President of the CCC Management Board.

The ‘same-day delivery’ service is the CCC Group’s another customer-oriented solution. The Group is consistently pursuing the process of building an omnichannel ecosystem, with foot scanners and tablets for online purchases, accounting for more than 15% of’s sales in Poland, already available at 200 or so CCC stores. Other solutions to be rolled out shortly incude self-service checkouts, dedicated Internet kiosks, and the 2D foot scanning functionality via almost three million CCC mobile apps downloaded by customers. One recently launched innovative solution consists in searching for CCC products based on a photo that customers can take with their own smartphones or show on the Internet. Nowadays the image rules the world, so – instead of words or filters – it is often easier to simply add a photo of a product to identify similar models offered by CCC. This functionality has received a very warm welcome from customers, as it makes their shopping experience more enjoyable than ever before.

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