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CCCard with the power to help (Karta z moCCCą pomagania) – buy a gift card and together with the Polish Red Cross support children in need

CCCard with the power to help (Karta z moCCCą pomagania) – buy a gift card and together with the Polish Red Cross support children in need to give them a better start into the new school year

On August 16th, the CCC Group and the Polish Red Cross will launch their joint charity campaign ‘CCCard with the power to help’. During the next four weeks, customers of all CCC offline stores in Poland will have an opportunity to purchase gift cards and drop them into designated boxes in the checkout area. All cards will then be delivered through the Polish Red Cross to children in need to help them get ready for the new school year. The campaign will last until September 11th.  

Thousands of Polish families are struggling financially now. Many of them cannot afford to pay for all things needed to start a new school year. That is why we got together with the CCC Group and decided to run a joint project to support children from disadvantaged families. Thanks to CCC customers, we will be able to give them gift cards that can be used to partly cover the cost of footwear schoolkids need. In this way, we hope to ease the burden on household budgets of such families together. We encourage you to join – these small gestures can help achieve major goals,” says Małgorzata Szukała, Head of the Promotion and Revenue Raising Department at the Polish Red Cross. 

“By joining forces with the Polish Red Cross and holding the ‘CCCard with the power to help’ campaign, we want to give our customers an opportunity to join in providing real help. Each card is worth PLN 20, which can be used to buy shoes. It may be a small gesture, but when multiplied several hundred times in our nationwide campaign it may help many children have a successful start into the new school year,” says Agnieszka Kępińska-Sadowska, Managing Director of the Corporate Communication and Sustainability Division at the CCC Group. 

The ‘CCCard with the power to help’ campaign starts on August 16th and will last until September 11th at all CCC stores in Poland. During the campaign, customers can purchase any number of gift cards that cost PLN 20 each. Every child from a family in need will receive three cards worth PLN 60 in total.  Through the Polish Red Cross the cards will go to children who need them most.  

Rules and other information about the ‘CCCard with the power to help’ project are available at CCC traditional stores – list of stores

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