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Change the status of your benefits. Buy, get promoted and receive more in the CCC Club

The Club members gain more. Use the CCC app, register your purchases and change the status of your membership. Receive attractive discounts and enjoy the exceptional benefits waiting for the Gold of the Silver members.

CCC Club is a unique platform for those who love shopping and keep their eyes on the current trends. Here you will find additional discounts and promotions, you will follow the latest collections, get fashion inspiration and receive invitations to exclusive events. Following the needs of its customers, CCC prepares tailored content, discount campaigns and special events reserved only for its Club Members.

The CCC Club guarantees its users unique opportunities and incredible shopping comfort - no physical membership card, free deliveries and returns without a receipt for up to 120 days as well as additional benefits and discounts. How it's working? You buy at CCC stores and on, and we register your purchases. Each shopping brings you closer to additional benefits at the CCC Club.

Purchased products and amounts spent are registered via the mobile application, which is available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (AppStore). You can also access the CCC Club via the website.

Buy, level up and get additional discounts

The CCC Club offers more and more benefits. Its members receive special offers and discounts on footwear and accessories of brands owned by CCC, including Gino Rossi and Sprandi. In addition, the Club members also gain up to several hundred zlotys discounts at CCC partners. Among them there are Apart, H&M, Douglas, Elektrolux, Modivo, Vogue Polska, The Body Shop, Lirene, L'Oréal Paris, Costa Cafe, Bath & Body Works, Neonail, Citi Handlowy, BP, X-Kom, Beat Studio, KFC, X-Box Game Pass, Microsoft 365 or Canal + Online.

Depending on the amount of purchases, Club Members are granted the following statuses: Standard, Silver and Gold. Each member status means access to additional discounts and benefits. It is up to you which status you will achieve and what discounts and offers you will receive.

Each of the Club members begins their adventure at the CCC Club with the Standard status. Depending on his expenses in CCC and stores, he has the option to change his status to Silver or Gold, and thus get additional bonuses and benefits.

Silver status members gain



access to unique promotions and discounts offered by CCC Partners. Special discount coupons save up to several hundred zlotys on purchases and services. This status also entitles you to receive a birthday present and a 60-day refund period for purchases without a receipt. Silver club members also receive priority to purchase dedicated collections, a one-time discount of 20% and free delivery for online purchases over PLN 59.

For Gold club members, CCC has prepared a dedicated VIP hotline and priority to purchase dedicated collections. Gold club members also gain additional discounts on products and services of Partners, a birthday gift and a 30% discount on purchases once a year. Gold status also means returns up to 120 days without a receipt and up to 5 free deliveries a year. Additionally, Gold club members will be invited to special events.

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