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Christmas feast at CCC Club

The CCC Club is a unique platform bringing together those who love shopping, the latest trends and inspiring meetings. As the CCC Club members had a chance to find out for themselves, CCC likes to celebrate special occasions with taste, as in tasteful fashion and tasty food! 

The ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ club members received ten invitations for two to take part in the CCC brand’s unique cooking workshop. Divided into four teams led by their favourite influencers, the participants competed for the best winter dish. They were led by Joanna Horodyńska (the Gino Rossi team), Iga Ofelia Kreft (the Jenny Fairy team), Jacob Kosel (the Lasocki team) and Mariusz Jakubowski (the Sprandi team).

The workshop was run by the top culinary mentor Daria Ładocha, who also live-streamed the event online. 

Each of the influencers chose items they thought might be included in the CCC Christmas gift box, presented to the audience during the Instagram broadcast. Those watching the live broadcast could get some inspiring fashion ideas and follow the cooking competition, but also take part in special contests. Christmas surprises were in store for the winners, including a supply of CCC footwear to last them throughout the year!

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