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Cosmic holograms in Sprandi Universe capsule collection

Cosmic holograms in Sprandi Universe capsule collection

Sprandi predicting the future of athleisure. Sports fashion will be streamlined, unearthly and luminous, just like the shoes and bags comprising the brand’s newest capsule collection.

What Sprandi Universe stands for is chic, glamour and motion. The brand’s sports capsule includes sneakers and bags. Dynamic girls can choose from a wide selection of ankle boots in aquamarine, black and rainbow streaked black, low sneakers dunked in a more intense shade of sea green or black with multi-coloured details. The collection features simple black sneakers and culminates in hologram soled flexible boots that look like a hybrid between astronaut wear, the favourite shoes of NBA basketballers and an influencer top choice.

Other accessories include backpacks, gym bags, waist bags and case bags. What all the bag models have in common is their unexpected texture, some shimmering like holograms, others made of plates like a spaceship from a science fiction movie, and still others having mirror smooth surfaces.

The model cast for the Sprandi Universe campaign by Zuza Krajewska, recognised for her mastery of female portrait photos, is Abigail Anderson posing as a woman of the future – androgynous, fearless and strong. The best match for sporty unisex outfits keeping pace with the modern superheroine are of course the Sprandi capsule accessories. The future is happening now!

The capsule collection items are already available from the CCC offline stores, at and through the mobile app.

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