Current report No. 12/2011

29.03.2011 /The Issuer/

Legal basis:

Art. 56(1)(2) Act on Public Offering – current and term information

The Management Board of NG2 SA hereby informs that the Company received a notification from the

V Land and Mortgage Division of the District Court in Lubin, dated on 17 March 2011, on the
registration of a contractual joint capped rate mortgage for PLN 62,500,000.00 and contractual joint
capped rate mortgage for PLN 45,000,000.00 to Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA., set up on
properties of the Company, situated in Polkowice at Strefowa 6, on the pracel no. 83/23 with the area
of 4.5718 hectares, which holds the office-warehouse, owned by the Issuer, registered in the Land
Register KW LE1U/00037605/3 and on real estate in Polkowice at Strefowa 9, on the parcel 83/13 and
83/12 with the total area of 12 673 m2, which holds set of buildings consisted of a production hall, the
warehouse, the social and technical areas owned by related entity CCC Factory Sp. z o.o., registered
in the Land Register KW LE1U/00037607/7.
The entry was made in connection with the change in the security agreement resulting from an
overdraft and revolving credit agreements for a total amount of PLN 86,000,000.00. ( The Company
informed on the aforementioned agreements in the Current Report No. 9 / 2011 dated 4 March 2011.
The book value of assets owned by the Issuer on which the mortgage was established amounts PLN
13,553,689.64. The book value of assets owned by affiliate CCC Factory Sp. z o. o. on which the
mortgage was established amounts PLN 9,130,770.87.
Furthermore, according to § 7 item 5 of the Ordinance of the Minister of Finance of 19 February 2009
on current and periodic information (…), the Management Board of NG2 S.A. hereby informs that
there is no relation between the Issuer and the Issuer’s managers or supervisors, and the entity for
which mortgage has been set up and its managers.
The value established by the mortgage exceeds the PLN equivalent of EUR 1.000.000,00.
Legal basis:
§ 5(1)(1) Minister’s Ordinance of the 19th of February 2009 regarding current and periodic reports
published by the issuers of securities and the rules of equal treatment of the information required by
the laws of non-member states.

1/ Mariusz Gnych - Vice-President
2/ Piotr Nowjalis - Vice-President

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