Current report no. 21/2011

11.05.2011 /The Issuer/

Legal basis.

Art. 56 (1)(2) Act on Offerings – current and periodic information.

With accordance to §38 (1)(11) of the Resolution of Minister of the Finance dated 19 February 2009

on current and periodic information provided by issuers of securities (the Journal of Laws, item 33(1) ),
the Board of the NG2 S.A. hereby informs that on 11 May 2011 passed the resolution of submitting
a recommendation to the General Meeting of Shareholders the payment of dividends to net profit for
the year 2010 in the amount of PLN 57.600.000,00 (fifty seven million six hundred thousand PLN).
The proposed dividend per one share is PLN 1.50. The remaining part of the profit at the amount of
PLN 28.292.315.72 (twenty eight million two hundred ninety two thousands three hundred fifteen and
72/100 PLN) the Management recommends to transfer into Joint-Stock Company's capital spare.
The Board recommended a dividend of determination (day D) on 9 September 2011 and the date of
payment (day W) on 27 September 2011.
The Board will ask the Supervisory Board to evaluate the above proposal and submit it together
with the recommendation of the General Assembly.

1. Mariusz Gnych – Vice-President
2. Piotr Nowjalis – Vice-President

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