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Dariusz Miłek returns as President of CCC Group's Management Board, Marcin Czyczerski appointed new President of Modivo Group's Management Board

Dariusz Miłek returns as President of CCC Group's Management Board, Marcin Czyczerski appointed new President of Modivo Group's Management Board

As an overhaul of the CCC Group’s business model has been completed and the Modivo Group has entered a next phase of its transformation, the two companies have appointed new CEOs with expertise that best matches the current needs. Dariusz Miłek, former Chairman of the CCC Group's Supervisory Board, has returned as President of the Management Board and will oversee further expansion of the CCC and HalfPrice brands. Marcin Czyczerski, who has served as President of the CCC Group's Management Board for the last four and a half years, has been appointed President of the Management Board of the Modivo Group (formerly S.A.). He will be responsible for upscaling the Group’s business operations, growing its profitability, and floating its shares on a stock market.

‘When we first embarked on the business model overhaul in 2019, I was appointed Chairman of the CCC Supervisory Board to fully focus my attention on strategic areas with the largest impact on value growth, including product and business line expansion. Marcin Czyczerski, a top business transformation specialist, took the helm of the Group at the time. And that was a brilliant move. Focused on our strongest areas of expertise, we joined forces to lead our team towards the omnichannel, adding two new business lines to the Group’s offering.  And we accomplished that in what was a turbulent time for the retail market,’ said Dariusz Miłek, President of the CCC Group's Management Board. ‘Today, we are a digitally driven, modern organisation that responds to customer needs and grows in line with its business strategy. We have come a long way over these past four years, hence the new roles we have assumed to harness our best knowledge and expertise to effectively support the organisation at all times. I’m taking over the responsibility for direct management of the operations of strong, modern CCC and HalfPrice. Together with our team, we will stay focused on product development and business line expansion. Marcin will head and Modivo, a business showing huge potential for the future despite the headwinds facing the multibrand e-commerce industry.  I am positive that under his leadership the Modivo Group will restore top profitability and consolidate its position as a leader in online sales in CEE.  

The appointment of Dariusz Miłek and Marcin Czyczerski as CEOs entails changes on the Supervisory Boards. An Annual General Meeting will be held in June to appoint new members of the CCC Group's Supervisory Board and elect its new Chair. Following his appointment as President of the Modivo Management Board, Marcin Czyczerski stepped down as a member of the Modivo Supervisory Board, which continues to be chaired by Dariusz Miłek.  

‘The CCC Group has had a very busy couple of years, but I have the feeling of a job well done. Our revenue has tripled since 2017 and the online contribution to sales has grown from less than 10% to over 50%. With new investments in off-price and marketplace, the Group’s addressable market is now several times bigger. Today, it is a well-structured and modern organisation with four strong business lines fully exploiting the synergies between them. The Group is gradually rebuilding profitability after numerous headwinds in the business environment it faced throughout its transformation. I am confident that as conditions on the retail market normalise, the Group will prove its strength in the quarters to come. After four years at the helm of the CCC Group as its CEO and a total of six on its Management Board, I am ready to take on new exciting and challenging tasks. I am very grateful to have been entrusted to lead the Modivo Group as the President of its Management Board – it is an expression of trust I truly appreciate,’ said Marcin Czyczerski, President of the Modivo Management Board. The Modivo Group is a dynamic, highly innovative and forward-looking organisation. Serving on its Supervisory Board, I had the pleasure of getting to know it in depth and contributing to the development of its growth strategy. I value the Modivo Group Team very highly, and I am thrilled to be able to work with them. Some important tasks lie ahead – improve capital efficiency, restore top profitability, complete the technological transformation and close the IPO that everyone is waiting for. I know this business has great potential.’ 

Damian Zapłata, who previously served as President of the Modivo Management Board, remains the company’s shareholder and in this capacity will continue to support the organisation on its growth path going forward, particularly with regard to marketplace features.  

‘I have an unwavering belief in the Modivo Group, and I strongly support it. With investments in technology, a new marketplace platform and logistics network, the company is well positioned for further growth. Our organisation has a huge potential and an amazing team,’ noted Damian Zapłata. ‘Marcin is a great leader, who knows the organisation inside out. I am confident he will successfully lead the Modivo Group through the ongoing transition, consistently expanding its market shares, strengthening synergies within the Group and developing its omnichannel capabilities. 

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