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DeeZee, from the CCC Capital Group, decided to resign from the use of non-recyclable film and the implementation of packaging from secondary raw materials by the end of 2020. The brand also resigned from printing proofs of purchase in its online store, changing them to an electronic form. The brand declaration is in line with the environmental policy of the CCC Group presented in the Sustainable Development Strategy.

With the dynamically growing scale of DeeZee's operations, we feel even more responsible for the environment and the impact of our business on the environment. We are following in the footsteps of CCC and, which have been using only recycled paper packaging and ecological shipping boxes for almost a year. We also want to introduce a certified, so-called ecological foil, which does not use new, but recycled materials. Additionally - as a brand that grew out of the online world - we implemented an electronic form of receipts and invoices to minimize the use of paper in the company. We reach a wide audience with our products - mainly the young generation of women and thus build ecological awareness among our clients - says Dominika Żak, President of the DeeZee Management Board.

The transition to eco-friendly packaging by DeeZee and the introduction of e-receipts and e-invoices is part of the CCC Group's Sustainable Development strategy, one of the four pillars of which is environmental responsibility.

One of the environmental goals of the Group's strategy is to minimize the negative impact of its operations on the environment. The group's goals include continuous reduction of greenhouse gas emission rates, increasing energy efficiency in terms of electricity used and reduction of waste (in each aspect by 7% by 2022), and the implementation of circular economy principles. By the end of 2020, plastic bags will disappear from all Group stores. In 2021, 70% of in-house packaging will be recycled, and in 2022, 80% of this packaging will be reusable.

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