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DeeZee joins CCC and teams up with InPost to encourage consumers to give shoes and clothes a second life

Don’t throw away, donate, reap the rewards and save the planet! The DeeZee brand has just joined CCC in a project to encourage consumers to participate in the EKOzwroty eco-friendly returns campaign run by InPost. Zero waste has just been made easier!

CCC is the sole footwear partner of the EKOzwroty initiative designed and run by InPost. Another brand of the Group’s family, DeeZee, is now joining the campaign. The initiative enables consumers to donate unwanted footwear and clothes at any Paczkomat® parcel locker and help save the planet. All this free of charge.

‘Many of us surely have clothes or shoes in our closets that we no longer need. With the EKOzwroty initiative, they now can be donated for reuse. After proper preparation, they will be donated to the needy, remarketed or recycled into components for new products. The campaign aims to minimise the adverse environmental impact and reduce the amount of clothes ending up in landfill. It is worth joining forces for a common cause – the environment,’ says Dominika Żak, President of the DeeZee Management Board.

Starting today, all participants who donate shoes of any brand to the campaign will receive a text message with a one-time code for a 10% discount on and a 15% discount for selected products on All you need to do is follow these three steps: Visit and fill out the form. Place the parcel number on the parcel without having to print out a postage label. Send the parcel free of charge from any InPost Paczkomat® parcel locker.

The participation of CCC’s business lines in the EKOzwroty campaign is another expression of their commitments made under CCC’s sustainability strategy. Circularity in fashion, extending the life of products, reducing waste and responsible disposal are just some of the topics addressed in the strategy. Other projects run by the Group include the Give Your Shoes a Second Life campaign, providing consumers with an opportunity to drop off their used shoes at CCC offline stores for responsible reuse or disposal. The chain has also phased out plastic bags from its offline and online stores and uses recycled paper only. Also, its offerings include a growing number of sustainable collections.


CCC S.A. is one of Europe’s largest companies in the footwear segment. The Group operates through about 90 e-commerce platforms and almost 1,000 stores in 28 countries under the CCC,, MODIVO and DeeZee brands. Since May 2021, the Company has also rolled out sales in the off-price segment through the HalfPrice store chain. CCC S.A. has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2004.

Sustainability is a key pillar of the Group’s business strategy and the cornerstone of its activities. We define our responsibility across four dimensions, spanning products, the environment, employees and society. For many years we have been stepping up our sustainability efforts, much to the appreciation of our customers, partners and staff. We are expanding our eco-friendly Go for Nature collections that include the Sprandi Green Series and Jenny Fairy with its ‘I care what I wear’ line, reducing our carbon footprint and fostering an inclusive work environment. In recent years we have fully switched to recycled paper bags, and our certified cardboard packaging comes from responsible sources. We are a member of many global environmental and climate initiatives, including UN Climate Change Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, and UN Global Compact

The awards and top scores received by the CCC Group from independent bodies in prestigious ESG ratings are a testament to our effective sustainability efforts. For example, we have an ‘A’ rating from MSCI, which has placed us among the world’s sustainability leaders. We are also the first Polish name to feature in Circulytics, measuring companies’ commitment and progress towards more circular business models.

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