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Discover the pinnacle of style and quality with the latest leather collection from CCC

Discover the pinnacle of style and quality   with the latest leather collection from CCC

As autumn is drawing near, it’s time to curate your wardrobe and what better way to do it than with exquisite leather footwear and handbags? Prepare to be captivated by their remarkable quality and ability to perfectly complement your style. In the latest collection from CCC, you’ll find timeless models at irresistible prices.


As the weather transitions into the new season, it’s important to build a wardrobe of solid essentials. And among these, you'll find the leather shoes from Lasocki. These dark brown moccasins are the epitome of versatility, effortlessly pairing with a spectrum of outfits. They’ll make a statement alongside a light-hued suit and cobalt socks or create a classic ensemble with jeans and a crisp white shirt. To top it all off, consider one of the handbags designed to carry your essentials in style. Whether you prefer a spacious tote, a compact bag, or something in between, Lasocki has a diverse range of options in both lighter and darker shades.  

Gentlemen, your style needs are catered to as well. In the new collection, you’ll discover top-quality, comfortable Chelsea boots that will resonate with enthusiasts of both minimalism and everyday elegance. Additionally, the laced loafers will match any style, as the epitome of functionality and timelessness, guaranteeing to be a wardrobe staple for far more than one season. For the fashion-forward men who value trends and individuality, we present a selection of leather backpacks and bags.  


Gino Rossi  

There is more to explore with offerings from the Gino Rossi brand. We couldn’t help but be charmed by a standout combination featuring a deep black shopper and low-heeled boots with wide uppers. This dynamic duo will elevate your look, especially when paired with clothing in distinctive colours. For those who prefer smaller handbags and flat shoes, we’ve got exciting news – the new Gino Rossi collection has a plethora of diverse options.  

Men’s designs embody the spirit of luxury casual style. Crafted from leather, these high-top models will ensure comfort during the autumn season. As you prep your wardrobe for autumn, consider the classic black loafers, an exceptionally versatile addition that effortlessly transitions from everyday wear to more formal occasions. And for those who need to always carry around their essential items, the fashionable spacious bags will be the perfect complement to their style. 



As the temperature drops and it’s time to consider your must-haves for the colder days ahead, there’s no doubt that high-upper boots are a top contender. These boots gracefully extend well above the knee, forming sculptural creases that add a touch of drama to your look. Among our favourites is the Badura leather model in a warm honey brown shade. If we were to choose just one pair of boots for this coming autumn, this would undoubtedly be it. In addition, the collection features attention-grabbing classic black boots with pointed toes and lace-up loafers resting on thick soles that will create a stylish ensemble with leather handbags. You’ll find a range of elegant designs, distinguished by exquisite form and captivating attention to detail, as well as options tailored for everyday wear. 

The new Badura collection includes offerings for men, with loafers and hiking shoes designed for those who prioritise quality and comfort. These robust models feature tied uppers, durable soles, and modern designs, all available at CCC 


Lasocki, Gino Rossi, or maybe Badura – not sure which brand to choose? Take advantage of the ongoing MULTIBUY promotion available at CCC stores, where you can enjoy the fourth product for free, the third for half the price, or the second at a 25% discount. But act swiftly, as this offer is only valid until the end of September. It’s your chance to complete your autumn wardrobe with top-quality footwear and handbags. Don't wait too long, though, as our products tend to sell out quickly.  


The extensive selection of leather models at unbeatable prices is available at CCC stores, via our app and on  

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