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Festival season in full swing! CCC kicks off the celebrations with its vibrant new collection

Festival season in full swing! CCC kicks off the celebrations with its vibrant new collection

Sunshine, music, and unbridled festival excitement? CCC knows exactly how to elevate the mood! This new range is explosive – from audacious platform sandals designed for festival queens to comfortable trainers for those who embrace a more relaxed approach. Looking for suede, boho-style ankle boots? Of course, they're included! A festival symbolises freedom, after all!

The Jenny Fairy brand is liberally sprinkling glitter everywhere! Handbags in gold, silver, and violet? Snatch them up without hesitation! Concerned about unpredictable weather? Rest assured, we're equipped with the iconic Hunter wellies. Available in an extensive array of colours and lengths, these wellies do more than protect from rain—they add flair. Mud and puddles at the festival? We're undeterred!

Hunter isn’t just about wellies;  their sunglasses are essential for any festival regular. Stylish and functional, they provide excellent sun protection and make a chic accessory. With a diversity in colours and shapes, from classic aviators to contemporary geometric frames, everyone will find something to suit their style.

Vans represent the ultimate in comfort and casual cool. This legendary brand’s footwear perfectly complements any festival look,  ideal for pairing with shorts, dresses, and capturing the festival spirit. And adidas? Certainly, their trainers are a must-have for every reveller. Reebok impresses with timeless designs that enhance both flamboyant and sportier outfits.

Gino Rossi and Badura offer elegance with a wild twist. At a festival, it’s not just about the music—it's about fashion too! These brands promise comfort and highest quality, making their footwear ideal for enduring days and nights of music and dance. Tractor-soled moccasins are the top pick for open-air concerts,  with gold buckles and embellishments that can craft a rock-inspired look.

Refresh your wardrobe with offerings from brands like Vans, Jenny Fairy, Reebok, adidas, Hunter, Badura, Gino Rossi, and many others. 

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