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‘Give your shoes a second life’ campaign rolled out to all stores of CCC’s Polish chain

Most of us have at least one pair of shoes or boots we no longer wear for various reasons. ‘Give your shoes a second life’ is a footwear collection drive in which CCC encourages consumers to get rid of them in a responsible manner, with due regard for the planet. The tally to date is more than 80 thousand collected pairs, most of which, after segregation and disinfection, have been donated to those in need. Dedicated drop-off containers have already been deployed throughout CCC’s Polish chain and in selected foreign markets, as the project is being expanded to new locations. Through the campaign, CCC promotes product responsibility and the principles of circular economy.

The ‘Give your shoes a second life’ project was piloted in 2020. Since then it has been steadily expanded, so that drop-off containers are now available at all stores of CCC’s Polish chain and at selected locations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. The footwear collection drive has been gradually rolled out to new locations, with plans to bring it to more foreign markets. Starting from this year, people who want to help others and contribute to minimising waste can also send in their used footwear via the Paczkomat® parcel locker system thanks to the EKOzwroty sustainable returns campaign run jointly with InPost, with CCC as its exclusive footwear partner.

The circular or closed-loop economy seeks to maximise the reuse of raw materials while minimising waste. This is also the idea behind ‘Give your shoes a second life’. CCC collects pre-owned footwear of any brand, size and cut. If suitable for further use, it is disinfected and donated to those in need. The remaining pairs are transferred for safe disposal. The Company aims to close the loop of materials and use resources sustainably out of concern for the environment – in line with its GO.25 business strategy, where sustainability is one of the strategic pillars.

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