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Go for more of your favourite things with the CCC Club! Get Spotify Premium for free!

Spotify is now available with the CCC Club! Get three-month free access and listen to your favourite music anytime anywhere.

The best-known streaming service Spotify has joined the CCC Club as its Partner offering Silver and Gold Club Members a special deal of three-month unlimited free access to Spotify Premium. Also, new CCC Club Members will be offered benefits and free two-month access to the music service. Join the CCC Club, sign up for the free trial and enjoy your favourite music and podcasts. 

Spotify is a digital platform offering instant access to over a million songs and podcasts from around the world. Premium account holders can enjoy the service without ads anytime anywhere on their favourite devices, as Spotify is available for smartphones, computers, tablets, speakers, and car audio equipment. With Spotify Connect, you can easily stream music across devices and enjoy your beloved tunes without interruption. 

Shop, upgrade and enjoy your favourite music! 

The CCC Club is a unique place for fashion lovers, shopping and special deals. Full of inspiration and trends, the platform offers each user personalised content tailored to their specific needs. The CCC Club provides Club Members with a myriad of options and incredible comfort of shopping, with no physical club card needed and with free deliveries and returns without a receipt up to 120 days as well as additional benefits and discounts. Active Club Members can count on dedicated discount offers and inspiring meetings in elite company. 

To join the CCC Club simply use our mobile app available for iOS (AppStore), Android (Google Play) and Huawei (AppGalery) or visit our website

Every złoty spent in a CCC store or on counts and brings you closer to the next fashion benefit. Every purchase recorded in a CCC club account translates into benefits that help assign an appropriate status to the Club Member and open the way to extra benefits. 

Club Members start with the Standard status, but each subsequent purchase is a step towards a status upgrade to Silver and then Gold. The Silver status gives Club Members access to dedicated deals and discounts offered by the Club Partners. One of the Partners is now Spotify. 

How to redeem the offer? 

Log in to your CCC app account and tap on the Promotions tab. Download your code and go to the page dedicated to the Spotify offer. Simple, right? Use Spotify the way you like it and enjoy free access to your favourite music for months! 


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