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Great success of WoshWosh! Over 9,000 collected shoes for the homeless

 Despite the pandemic, this year's WoshWosh footwear collection campaign exceeded all expectations. Over 9,000 pairs of shoes were collected during the two weeks of the campaign, which shows the power of the project and the rightness of promoting the zero waste idea. Cleansed and repaired shoes, through the foundation, will go to homeless people all over Poland. The partner of this year's campaign was the CCC company, which collected over 3,000 pairs of shoes among employees of its stores throughout Poland.

This year's collection is a real success of WoshWosh, a company dealing in cleaning, restoration, repair and custom footwear. It not only gives a reason to be proud, but is also a kind of proof that all social actions are right.This year's collection is a real success of WoshWosh, a company dealing in cleaning, restoration, repair and custom footwear. It not only gives a reason to be proud, but is also a kind of proof that all social actions are right.

Almost half of the homeless in Poland received help

Each year, several dozen people die on Polish streets due to frostbite and body cold. Meanwhile, decent and warm footwear for the homeless is sometimes to be or not to be. It is estimated that in Poland there are approximately 35,000 people suffering from homelessness. Considering that over 15,000 pairs of shoes were collected during the three editions of the campaign, this means that almost half of the homeless people in Poland received help. This is fantastic news.
- The involvement of so many people exceeded my expectations, this result is a honey to my heart. For years I have been involved in social initiatives for ecology and sustainable development, but the success of this action gives me wings. I can see that the consumer awareness of ecology and zero waste is growing. About 22 billion pairs of shoes are produced annually in the world, 300 million are thrown away after just one year of use. And yet, instead of ending up in the bin, they could get a second life and be useful to others. Homeless people who wear worn, leaky and often unsuitable for the weather shoes for years, thanks to our action, can survive the winter. The three editions of the campaign show how much our help is needed and how much we can achieve by joining forces. Empathy, love for other people and zero waste wins - adds Martyna Zastawna, the organizer of the campaign and founder of the WoshWosh company.

- We are proud that CCC employees were so actively involved in the campaign of collecting footwear for the homeless and that one third of the shoes collected this year come from them. The next life of the same product is all the more happy because it really helps those in need. This action complements our used footwear collection project "Give your shoes a second life", which we have been running among our customers since July and in which we have already managed to collect several tons of products into special containers located in our stores. We will continue this type of activity because we know that in the short term they can help those in need, and in the long term - says Daria Sulgostowska, spokeswoman for CCC, which is the partner of the action.


Empathy, love and zero waste won

The campaign "Bring the shoes for the homeless" focuses on conscious consumption and reducing waste, as well as the tangible benefits of zero waste - helping the homeless and donating shoes that are no longer used, which may save their lives this winter. The moods of Poles clearly show that social and environmental issues are becoming as important as the problem of unemployment or medical care. Thanks to an action such as the collection of shoes with WoshWosh, we not only act for the benefit of the environment, but above all we help the homeless.

The shoes for the homeless collected in the action "Bring the shoes for the homeless" were donated to those in need, among others, thanks to the help of: the Cabinet of the Friends of the Sant'Egidio Community, the Capuchin Foundation. Anicent Kopaliński, Towarzystwo Pomocy im. St. Albert and the Camillian Social Welfare Mission.
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The first company in Poland and Europe dealing with professional cleaning, renovation, repair and personalization of footwear. The first WoshWosh point was created in 2015 from the zero waste idea - take care, don't throw it away, think about the environment. Today, there are 2 main locations in Warsaw and 8 collection points, and 35,000 pairs of shoes were produced by them. In addition to service activities, WoshWosh also cooperates with companies, supporting pro-ecological activities that generate savings. It educates and broadens the awareness of zero waste in companies. Cleans and disinfects work shoes, cares for the health and comfort of employees. The pioneering idea has secured numerous awards in Poland and abroad: the title of Start Up of Positive Impact according to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and ALK, Distinction in "Responsible Business in Poland 2018. Good practices", Microentrepreneur of the Year 2018.
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