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HalfPrice employees featuring in the brand’s Christmas campaign

A junior merchant, a resource planning and allocation analyst, a salesperson. What do they have in common? They are all HalfPrice employees who also made their appearance in the brand’s latest Christmas campaign. About 20 members of office, manufacturing, logistics and retail sales staff can now be seen on in-store screens in eight countries as well as on social media. The campaign was executed in the typical HalfPrice style: fashionable, joyful and a little crazy.

A group of people who are fully dedicated to their passion’. That was what Paulina Bagińska, a HalfPrice employee featuring in the Christmas campaign, replied when asked of what comes to her mind when she thinks of the company. During this special time of year filled with Christmas trees, colourful lights, Santa Clauses and elves, the brand decided to tell the truest Christmas story – that of its own people. Employees whose daily duties include customer service, procurement planning, logistics, online store management or content creation to promote the brand’s offerings, were transported for a day to a magical Christmas world. Although for most of them this was the first encounter with a professional camera, they could not hide their enthusiasm.


‘HalfPrice is mainly its people. They are the ones who look for the best bargains for our Customers and provide them with the best service on a daily basis. It is thanks to their commitment that our brand has achieved successes and continued to grow. Our team are people full of incredible energy, who love fashion and create a fantastic atmosphere at the workplace. We wanted to convey just that,’ says Michal Kniaź, HalfPrice’s marketing director. ‘We were very positively surprised by how many employees volunteered for the session. Literally within moments of sending out the invitation, we were able to close the list. What is more, on the set it turned out that we had some hidden gems on the team – great models among both our female and male staff. I may also add that theirs was not an easy task, as the range of products sold by HalfPrice is very extensive. During the session, our employees presented not only garments, footwear, toys, furniture and homewares, but also cosmetics, foodstuffs and ... pet accessories’.


‘Fun, cool music and great people’ – have a glimpse behind the scenes


‘Being a face of HalfPrice is a huge honour,’ says Jakub Mosior. ‘For me, it’s about being part of the team,’ adds Wiktoria Wyrwa. ‘I feel great, you can invite me more often,’ concludes Anita Dziuba. These are just a few of the many comments from the staff members who took part in the session. Watch the special ‘behind the scenes’ video to find out what are their associations with HalfPrice, what they think of the photo shoot, or.... what Christmas presents they bought for their loved ones.




The key message behind their comments boils down to what makes HalfPrice – the people, great workplace atmosphere and opportunity to develop,” adds Michał Kniaź.


Photos and videos promoting HalfPrice’s Christmas offering can be viewed on social media and in-store screens in as many as eight countries.


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