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Hottest snow boot designs from CCC

Hottest snow boot designs from CCC

Snow boots are a very practical and warm type of winter footwear. If chosen well, they can effectively protect your feet against cold and harsh weather. Their fashionable twists combined with lightness, comfort and warmth make them an excellent alternative to knee-high leather boots or booties. See the top designs of women’s snow boots from CCC, which you can buy at up to 30% off the original price.

Jenny Fairy’s latest capsule called Future Fluffy is a line of fur boots on lug soles with signature buckles, sunk in the neutral shades of black, chocolate brown or nude. The ankle-high boots are available in two colours – candy pink and snow white.


Snow boots from the Cosy Padding capsule are this season’s undisputed smash hit. Functionality, comfort and superior workmanship are all reflected in this winter collection coming from the Lasocki brand. The soft finish, minimalist design and extra volume make for a stylish addition to your everyday outfits. With these boots on, winter will no longer be frightful!


Extremely comfortable casual footwear, which is among this season’s must-haves. Its inner lining is a guarantee of warmth on freezing cold days and solid soles offer protection against bad weather. The light beige colour adds a touch of lightness, matching seamlessly any outfit. How to wear them? Look for inspiration to the global influencers: Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner.


This design from Jenny Fairy is a response to one of the most powerful trends of recent seasons. Its original form, striking lacing pattern and practical lining to keep the feet warm can certainly be named among its greatest advantages. Let’s not forget about the mid-height uppers, which make it an excellent alternative to classic sneakers.


The soft, warm uppers ensure a mix of comfort with solid protection against cold. Practical and fashionable looking, these boots will offer excellent protection against frost and damp. They are ideal for everyday wear, going well with both casual and sporty outfits.


A great choice for those who find it hard to swap their favourite heeled shoes for flat snow boots. In addition to looking super fashionable, this design by Jenny Fairy features built-in platform heels that will add extra inches to your height.


With its overblown look, thick soles and super warm lining, this model has all the ingredients of perfect snow boots for this season. It is available in both classic black and super trendy eye-catching colours: purple and pink.


Stylish boots for those who like to stand out from the crowd. Complementing the soft uppers is an interesting lacing pattern and fashionable animal print detail. Another distinctive feature are the solid, carved soles.


With these striking snow boots, the winter cannot be boring. Adding a fashion touch to any outfit, they will also protect your feet against freezing cold. An extra boon in the form of elastics embedded at the top of the uppers will ensure that snow does not get inside the boot.


A great offering for those who love glamour and dazzling solutions in everyday life. Black snow boots harking back to the 2000s will be ideal for lower temperatures. They can be wornseamlessly with both jeans and sweatpants.


A heavy-duty model. Its high, padded uppers will keep you warm even in extreme cold, while the waterproof material will make you feel cosy in harsh conditions. Offered by Sprandi, these boots will be perfect for mountain hikes, weekend getaways and long walks.


The snow boots are available from CCC offline stores, the mobile app and

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