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How to conduct social media well or pro-ecological activities? CCC shares knowledge with non-governmental organizations from Lower Silesia

The CCC Group, as part of the competence volunteering program, conducted a series of trainings for Lower Silesian social organizations. The meetings were attended by the employees of the Association "Live with dignity" in Polkowice and the Association for Children and Youth "Szansa" in Głogów, as well as students of the WSB University in Wrocław. Program participants gained knowledge in the field of running social channels, promoting their activities and running a business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

- Cooperation with local organizations is an important aspect of the CCC Group's operations. We implement a number of initiatives aimed at supporting and developing the community in the region. One of them is the organization of volunteer meetings, during which we pass on our business knowledge to the NGO's. Associations from Lower Silesia that participated in the training this year undertake important work for the benefit of not only minorities, but also the environment. We want to help them develop in business, which will potentially translate into an improvement in the quality of services and a wider range of activities - says Adam Pogorzelski, Sustainable Development and Visual Design Specialist at the CCC Group.

As part of the project, online training was organized with the employees of the Association "Live with dignity" in Polkowice and the Association for Children and Youth "Szansa" in Głogów. The first one deals with counteracting all kinds of violence against children and youth, the second one with activating disabled people, social integration and preparing them for life in a social and professional environment. As part of meetings with non-governmental organizations, CCC experts provided valuable tips and information on active presence in social media, including, in particular, on LinkedIn, where the NGO sector can reach a wide audience from the business world. Program participants also had the opportunity to learn the rules of conducting brand communication activities, thanks to which they will be able to promote their projects and inform the inhabitants of the region about them. The workshops were also used by students from the WSB University in Wrocław, with whom CCC representatives shared their knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable development and non-financial reporting of companies.

- The initiative taken by the CCC Group is of great importance and potential. In public benefit organizations, we focus on people, and often the business context is unattended. Meanwhile, NGO's should also develop in this direction, thanks to which they become more professional and more effectively obtain financing for their activities. Thanks to the CCC Group, we can expand our competences in this area. Employees willingly use training courses that provide us with new skills and tools to support everyday activity. We are grateful to the employees of CCC who devote their time to share their knowledge and experiences - says Stanisław Rapczuk, Member of the Management Board of the Charitable Association "Live Godnie".

Competency volunteering was launched in 2019. It consists in initiating meetings of CCC experts with organizations during which they share their knowledge. The main goal of the actions taken is the transfer of competences from the business sector to the science sector and non-governmental organizations, which will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of local communities.

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