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CCC has introduced a new GO FOR NATURE line, consisting of sustainably produced accessories. The promotion is enhanced by a unique mural in the very center of Warsaw. A recycler for PET bottles has been set up right next to the mural. Throwing a PET bottle into it will activate the LED illumination on the mural.


The mural is painted with photocatalytic paint that cleans the air. Thanks to its use, car exhaust fumes and other types of pollution are deposited on the surface of the mural. They are neutralized under the influence of sunlight (they decompose into environmentally harmless nitrogen compounds, water and a small amount of CO2). The coating is self-cleaning in the next rainfall, and the entire process continues as long as the catalyst is powered by solar energy.

An additional reinforcement of the message is the recycling machine. Recycling is the most preferred method of managing plastic waste, which is the most dangerous for the environment, as it decomposes over several thousand years, releasing many poisonous compounds at the same time. PET bottles are made of, among others pens, toys, tents, garden furniture and sports shoes. The Sprandi shoe, presented in the mural, is 50% made of recycled PET bottles. Recycled polyester is also made, which is used in the production of caps, scarves and bags that are part of the Go For Nature line.

After the campaign ends, all bottles from the recyclate will be recycled.

The author of the mural's graphic design is Beata Śliwińska BARRAKUZ.

The Go For Nature line is available stationary at CCC stores, online at and in the brand's application.

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