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‘One step louder’ is the keynote message of x Roxie, the latest original collection by DeeZee

DeeZee has again partnered with a Star. This time the brand has decided to single out youth, energy and drive to go after one’s dreams. The entire collection has been designed with a Star of the young generation, whose daily attitude inspires, empowers and points out directions, not only in music. The brand has just unveiled an original collection of footwear, handbags and backpacks, but also phone accessories, for the 2022 autumn-winter season, created together with Roxie Węgiel.

DeeZee’s x Roxie capsule 

Youth is vibrancy, energy and a go-getting spirit in following one’s dreams, so the wardrobe of a modern girl must reflect these qualities to meet her expectations. This is what the x Roxie capsule by DeeZee is like. Featuring 49 different designs, the original collection includes unique shoes, boots, handbags and phone accessories to allow DeeZeeGirls, as well as any girl loving to look fashionable and sassy, to create concert outfits. The entire collection has been created as a collaborative effort between DeeZee brand experts and Roxie Węgiel,  as the Star’s inspirations, ideas and vision have been turned into a reality. The unique collection for the 2022 autumn-winter season is now available for sale.  


What is DeeZee’s new x Roxie capsule like? 

It is a collection that will surely receive plenty of hype,  as suggested by the capsule’s message: ‘One step louder’, but mainly by the fashion trends that have inspired its creation. The main intention behind the capsule is to afford every girl an ability to express herself by offering her an array of fashion options for any occasion. The key inspiration was the daily life of young, dynamic people who want and like to cherish their own unique styles. The merge of comfort with a touch of extravagance offers a perfect opportunity for a girl to express herself, and the capsule’s designs will fit perfectly into any style, multitasking like their owners.  ‘All of my days are super intensive, with daily travel, concerts and meetings with fans demanding a lot from me. But thanks to this energy I can be creative and live my life to the full, which is why comfort and well-being are so important.  I could not leave out from the collection what I love most: high platforms, bovver boots, laced-up shoes and coloured accessories. But the main thing for me was that footwear can be used in creating various outfits and the message of our project: ‘One step louder’. The collection has been designed to emphasise and bring out what is unique in every young woman. This is why the capsule I have created together with DeeZee is so universal. It is great for everyday wear, but it can also make you feel special and help you create fancy outfits,’ Roxie adds. 


What will the new capsule include? 

Platform boots with coloured interchangeable laces, super fashionable moccasins in classic black and beige, but also unique flip-flops and slippers bearing the collection’s motif. Footwear in DeeZee’s x Roxie collection is uniquely embellished, but also stands out for one-of-a-kind branding. With each design marked with XOXO and Roxie’s signature ‘X’, the collection is imbued with a unique character. Ultra-modern sneakers with exquisite purple accessories, gorgeous boots, some of them on low heels, and footwear designs with silver chains are just some of the brand’s propositions. Rounding off the collection are perky bucket hats, peaked caps, as well as phone and headphone cases. Spectacular outfits created with shoes  
from the x Roxie collection can be complemented with unique handbags and backpacks. Choose from among a range of small and medium-sized handbags, but also modern shopper-style bags, to enhance your daily look. 


How to wear DeeZee’s x Roxie capsule?  

The collection is versatile enough to match any style and, primarily, any occasion. We have created this capsule for women who love fashion and the latest trends. The shoes, boots, handbags and phone accessories are perfect to wear for school, but also for meetings with friends. Just combine a roomy shopper-style bag with ultra comfortable sneakers complete with holographic details and the outfit is ready to wear. If you're after a more girlish look, be sure to pair platform flip-flops with light dresses. Shiny hats and all-the-rage bucket hats will add character to the whole outfit. Create a look inspired by concert stylings matching high boots with a girlish skirt and gauzy ruffled blouse, and adding a small handbag as a finishing touch. This will make for a perfect set.  


DeeZee’s x Roxie capsule features timeless footwear and handbag designs in a feisty, on-trend style. The elegant moccasins, comfortable sneakers with holographic details and pastel accessories and gorgeous platform boots brimming with worldwide trends have been photographed in a uniquely picturesque setting that only emphasises the rock chic and style. Have fun with fashion and pick your favourite shoes, boots and handbags from the DeeZee palette to create stylish looks. 

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