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Retro Your Own Way capsule collection by Gino Rossi

The collection includes sneakers in five colors and two models of bags in various sizes. The campaign featured supermodels Ewa Witkowska and Kasia Struss as well as style icons Joanna Horodyńska and Olivia Kijo.

The Retro Your Own Way Gino Rossi collection includes shoes (black, white with off-white inserts, dark green with white logo, brown, black and brown with white logo) and handbags in two sizes, available in shades of black and off-white.

The classic design of sneakers with a rounded toe refers to golf or tennis shoes, like a dachshund bag with an elongated shape, which is associated with an accessory of athletes. The combination of vintage inspiration, which is triumphant in the spring-summer 2021 season, and sporty elegance, has created a super-fashionable combination in the atmosphere of the 70s.

The campaign with photos of the Tatiana and Karol duo was launched in the center of Warsaw. Its stars are four icons of style: supermodels of two different generations - Ewa Witkowska and Kasia Struss, as well as one of the most expressive stylists in Poland, Joanna Horodyńska, and Olivia Kijo, an influencer known for her minimalist style.

Each of them wear universal accessories from the Retro Your Own Way collection in a completely different way, proving that they fit everything. Ewa Witkowska chose a bright suit for sneakers and a handbag, Kasia Struss a leather skirt and a white shirt, Joanna Horodyńska chose strong colors and scaled cuts, characteristic for herself, and Olivia Kijo - super trendy wide trousers and a trench coat.


The capsule collection is available in CCC stationary stores, on and in the CCC application.


Pictures: Tatiana and Karol

Models: Kasia Struss, Joanna Horodyńska, Ewa Witkowska, Olivia Kijo

Make-up Wilson

Hair: Michał Bielecki

Scenography: Ewa Iwańczuk

Production: Magdalena Opacka, Ewa Kwiatkowska / Move-Picture

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