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Seven markets, 67 stores, online shopping – HalfPrice celebrating its first anniversary

It has been a year since HalfPrice – the CCC Group’s youngest format in the off-price segment of the market – opened its first brick-and-mortar outlets in Poland. A year since its inception, the HalfPrice chain has grown to more than 67 offline locations, a staff of 2 thousand, a thriving online store and a presence across seven markets. Over the first year the offline footfall has reached 16.2 million, with almost 50 thousand orders placed to date via the online platform launched in December.

Rapid development of the off-price concept in Poland 

HalfPrice is a modern concept in the off-price segment of the retail market, offering a wide variety of globally popular brands at attractive prices – discounted up to -80%. The HalfPrice sales mix includes clothing, footwear, accessories, sports products, toys and homewares.

The first stores of the CCC Group’s HalfPrice format were officially launched on May 4th 2021 in five Polish cities: Warsaw, Wrocław, Szczecin, Polkowice and Tychy.

“The HalfPrice concept has opened a new chapter in the CCC Group’s history. We want to keep expanding our fashion mix responding to the needs of bargain hunters, who look for trendy items offered at reasonable prices. Within only a year our concept has gained strong recognition, but also the appreciation of customers in each of the countries where it was launched. The CCC Group’s strategic objective is for the HalfPrice chain to comprise about 250 stores by 2025, and to grow to 100 locations by the end of this year. We are already well on track to meeting this target,” says Adam Holewa, HalfPrice’s CEO.

Off-price products in CEE 

Since the brand’s debut, its international expansion has been among the Group’s key business objectives. The first foreign store branded as HalfPrice was opened last August in Budapest. Currently, HalfPrice’s foothold has been extended to cover six European markets outside of Poland (Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Slovenia, as well as Hungary and Slovakia).

“In each of these countries our sales mix is aligned with the preferences and expectations of local customers, and our launch in an individual market, thanks to the previous presence there of the CCC Group, is backed by the local team’s experience and understanding of consumer behaviour. As a result, we can actively respond to the most-searched fashion trends in the region and invite to our stores even the most demanding customers,” says Malwina Winter, HalfPrice’s Vice President for Procurement.

HalfPrice stores have already attracted more than 16 million customer visits. “We have realised from the start that the off-price retail model will effectively fill a market niche not only in Poland, but also abroad. The fact that our concept has drawn such great interest from customers gives our entire team, which is already almost 2 thousand strong, a huge dose of daily motivation to meet new challenges. The idea is very simple: we want to be the place of choice for bargain and fashion trend hunters to express themselves freely. We think the same of our employees,” explains Joanna Czyżewska, HalfPrice’s Vice President for Sales. 

Omnichannel off-price 

In late 2021, HalfPrice took another major step in its brand development journey by launching an online store. The sales platform operates as a shopping club, with thematic product campaigns awaiting customers every day. The brand’s unique offers are available to Polish Internet users, but the company plans to roll out its online platform to further markets where it has already established an offline presence.

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