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Sprandi AI: Step into tomorrow. Unveiling AI-crafted footwear at CCC’s premier event

Sprandi AI: Step into tomorrow. Unveiling AI-crafted footwear at CCC’s premier event

It’s time for a fashion makeover! Sprandi AI is boldly stepping into the future with the launch of its latest masterpiece in the CCC store chain. These shoes, crafted with the aid of artificial intelligence, possess a distinctive character that sets them apart in the market. More than just footwear, they represent a testament to courage, advancement, and imagination. The latest collection by Sprandi AI is now available at CCC stores.

The Sprandi AI shoe collection is setting new fashion trends, fearlessly embracing unconventional shapes and striking details. These flip-flops, designed with the assistance of artificial intelligence, come in three colours: subtle beige, daring light brown, and timeless white. Offering endless styling options, they are bound to captivate and delight enthusiasts of sporty and comfortable fashion. 

These shoes, boasting rounded toes and a sleek, distinctive silhouette, combine fashion-forward design and unparalleled comfort. Their elevated soles not only add height but also instil a sense of confidence, perfectly complementing the aesthetics of the spring-summer season. With their sporty style seamlessly aligning with contemporary trends, they offer a distinctive look for fashion enthusiasts eager to embrace new style horizons. 

The debut of Sprandi AI footwear at CCC stores marks a highly anticipated moment for fashion and modernity enthusiasts. This collection transcends mere footwear – it is an embodiment of individuality and daring in challenging conventional stereotypes surrounding everyday shoes. It is primarily targeted towards those who value fashion experimentation and embrace bold, original accessories. 

If you’re someone who craves originality and modernity, finding inspiration in social media and staying attuned to the latest trends from the fashion capitals worldwide, then the Sprandi AI collection is tailor-made for you. Seize the chance to express your unique style. Head to CCC stores today and uncover your next fashion obsession! 


The Sprandi AI brand collection is now available in stores, the app, and on

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