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Step into the spotlight with sport style icons from adidas, Champion, Puma, Reebok, Sprandi, and Vans!

Step into the spotlight with sport style icons from adidas, Champion, Puma, Reebok, Sprandi, and Vans!

Discover the ultimate collection of iconic sneakers from the worlds most beloved brands, all under one roof! Dive into the CCC Sport Icons collection to find timeless sportswear shoes and accessories for women, men, and teens. With a wide variety of options starting at just PLN 99.99, this collection is too good to miss! 

Experience global brands, timeless designs, and most importantly, an unparalleled selection! 

These are the three pillars of the latest CCC Sport Icons collection. adidas retro sneakers define sleek with their iconic stripes, anchoring casual looks for years. Champion turns heads with white, basketball-inspired kicks featuring bold, colourful accents that stand out from the crowd. Puma’s street-style sneakers dazzle in vibrant colours. The rich red and captivating indigo demand attention – if you’re going bold, why not go iconic? Reebok stays true to its sports roots, offering models inspired by running shoes that don’t just look the part – they perform in your daily urban sprint. Beyond classic shades of grey, navy, and black, Sprandi dares with bold models flaunting oversized logos. And Vans shoes, though born on the skateboarding scene, transcend it with styles that influencers and everyday fashionistas alike will adore. 

This diverse lineup promises something for everyone in search of comfy daily wear. Trusted for years, adidas, Champion, Puma, Reebok, Sprandi, and Vans not only deliver sports footwear loved by millions but also offer quality that genuinely matches the price. The iconic Sport Icons sneakers await you at CCC, with prices starting at a mere PLN 99.99. 

The collection also spans a broad array of bags and backpacks. Roomy and stylish, they perfectly complement street-style ensembles alongside our sporty style icons. 

Captured in retro flair with a dash of fashionable red, our photo shoot showcases daily fashion with a sporty twist. 


The new CCC Sport Icons collection is up for grabs in stores, on the app, and at

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